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Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle

Human health is not necessarily a simple tonic and movement problems, and World Health Organization For health There is a basic estimate, noted: health15%It depends on genetics,10% It depends on social conditions,8% Depending on the medical condition, 7% Depending on the natural environment, and60% Depending on their own lifestyle habits.

1. Health and longevity depends on the lifestyle   

Here we need a definition of a healthy, there are three diseases threaten our lives,Accounting for cause of death72%. The first is cardiovascular disease. The second is the malignant tumor, and the third is respiratory disease Disease, in addition to obesity, osteoporosis, cholecystitis, gallstones, fatty liver, cirrhosis, Depression, chronic infectious diseases, and these diseases are 40 People over the age of common diseases, which These wide range of large disease is a chronic, non-communicable diseases. 

2. Eating problems   

Today, we are not talking about infectious diseases, we need to focus on talking about these diseases, like diabetes,Obesity, fatty liver, osteoporosis, etc., are not caused by a virus, then these conditions are How come? Mainly bad habits and we have relationship, which most closely middle Or our eating problems. 

3. High-quality protein intake inadequate    

Our diet in general is good, but a bit of high quality protein intake is not foot. The main body structure is made of protein, the human body has400Trillion cells,These cells continue to metabolism, and cells are made of protein, so we need to constantly replenish eggs White matter. But the human body and eat protein or protein is not the same, eat only It is converted to the human protein material.

Proteins are composed of amino acids constituting the human body has20Several amino acids, including10It can manufacture a variety of body, there 8 Human kind can not be synthesized, only the direct absorption from the outside,So the need to constantly replenish from the diet. So what kind of protein a better arrangement? First, ammonia Amino acid must be high, the second to be easily digested and absorbed, to a third cheaper prices. Comparison of various proteins Down milk protein is the most easily digested and absorbed, but China’s per capita milk consumption is made Of the country1/50, Too little; the statistics also said that the Chinese people’s consumption of milk a year even as Drink more liquor. 

4. Chinese are low calcium diet   

Chinese food is a bit of a problem, it belongs to low calcium diet. People need every day 800 Milligram calcium, Pregnant women need 1000 Mg, And our daily diet can only get the amount of calcium 500 Mg, Thus over time, older, later, will inevitably lead to osteoporosis. In fact, our best calcium Product is milk, so some people say, ah, life is best not to “weaning.”

Everybody knows, Japan Little man, according to geographical location considered, is actually a northern Nation, but now the young Japanese even taller than Chinese people. Japan made a DH Statistical, the 1974 People born with 1954 People born in comparing the average height of tall The 10 cm. There is a saying called “a bottle of milk to save a nation,” I think this is not necessarily Right, but the Japanese are more meticulous and scientific diet, which is what we should learn from them. Us State food culture known worldwide, but we focus on taste, do not pay attention to nutrition.  
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Eggs are also good food, we all know this, but a few years some people say eggs Die, which has cholesterol. I want to emphasize is this: there is cholesterol in eggs, but people also Need cholesterol, cell membranes are composed of cholesterol. It was also studied that old old blood Low in cholesterol also prone to cancer. This is inside a bit contradictory, high bad cholesterol, low is not Good, however, it is about a medical degree, not absolutely say can not eat anything. Cholesterol is required,If lipids are not high, a day to eat2Eggs is no problem; if High blood lipids A week to eat 4 Eggs also do. There are egg yolk lecithin, lecithin reduce atherosclerosis role. 

5. Good fish and poultry than pork   

There is also a good fish, fish and poultry contain Polyunsaturated fatty acids. Pork does not have even What problem, but pork fat is unsaturated fatty acids, will increase atherosclerosis. Vascular fat Too much arteriosclerosis, scientific name Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the artery, there are many Like porridge as lipids blockage there, making the vascular smooth results will not myocardial ischemia, cerebral Ischemia. So the key lies not in vascular atherosclerosis hard not hard, but rather through the blood vessels and not Pass, if blood vessels are fat, poor blood flow, the problem is very serious.      

The human brain is roughly equivalent to the weight of the body2%But accounting for oxygen20%Therefore the brain Not hypoxia. Middle cerebral artery provides the brain blood vessel thickness is only3Mm, if fatFat embolism, resulting in cerebral ischemia produces a cerebral infarction, caused by stroke, called ischemic stroke. If the front Surface barrier, but also because of high blood pressure, followed by hard-forward extrusion, the pressure increased, blood vessels to burst, which It caused a brain haemorrhage. If the bleeding area is large, it will produce Hemorrhagic stroke This is called heart disease Cerebrovascular disease.  

6. How much daily fat intake as well   

Now cholecystitis, gallstones and more, as well as fatty liver, also due to eating too much fat, oil Caused by eating too much. Now colorectal cancer, the incidence of breast cancer continues to increase, the main reasons Is a high-fat diet-induced.    

Not that fat can not eat, but must be adequate.1 Grams of sugar or 1 Grams of protein will produce 4000 Calories, 1 G fat will produce 9000 Calories, you should eat as much It is the right amount?    

7. Fat intake per person per day: the number of kg of body weight × 0.45 (g).

That is a weight 60 Kg person daily fat intake should not exceed 27 G, while Shanghai Citizens per capita fat intake is about50G, excessive doubled. The problem of excessive fat intake is still not Arouse enough attention. 

8. How to master the salt intake     

Excess salt intake with hypertension, stroke related, but nephritis patients can not be more salt,Because salt retains water, leading to nephritis patients with edema.    

The total amount of people eat salty blood increases 10% To 20%, The heart will have a lot of pressure. blood Suffering from blood pressure tube stamping, eat salty, blood volume, vascular pressure on the larger. Latest statistics Show that at present China has 18% of City Population Suffering from high blood pressure, which 40 People over the age 40% Have hypertension, 60 People over the age 60% Have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is too salty to eat is an important raw One reason.    

Hypertension with genetic factors, with work pressure, life is stressful and have a relationship, but it also It is not absolute, and we eat salty diet but it is absolutely relevant. Some doctors see high blood Pressure patients to give him open-hypertensive drugs, but told him to forget to eat lighter, this is actually a very important.    

Many people do not know, stomach and eat salty also has a relationship. Gastric mucosa secrete a layer of mucus To protect the gastric mucosa, but the mucus afraid of salt, if you eat salty, over time, gastric mucosal protective layer There is no ups and downs eat will directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, can cause gastric ulcers, gastritis,Stomach cancer.    

At best intake per person per day5Grams of salt, how to master? just now Chinese Nutrition Society survey,Northern Residents salt per person per day15-18G, residents of southern salt per person per day10-12G, the In the north need to reduce average salt 2/3 Southern residents need to reduce 1/3.    

Overeating easily lead to diabetes. In fact, diabetes is not caused by sugar, but excess Diet-induced. People in their daily lives, every day, sugar, usually eat rice, noodles will Into sugar, so the diet should be light. Now advocating eating fresh vegetables, fruits, not per person per day less than 500G, eat Qicheng eat enough.    

Vegetables can not replace fruits and vegetables after processing, cooking nutritional value will decline. and so Eat fruit every day is necessary.    

In summary, the diet should be “more than two three small”, that is, eat plenty of high quality protein, drink milk.Here in particular talk about soy milk not compare, because the absorption of soy protein in milk better than good.Eat more fresh fruits, less fat, salt, eat less rice, but the amount of diet. 

9. Avoid bad habits Smoking harmful to one’s interest   

Smoke harmful substances 600A variety of carcinogens have been identified will be reached 40 Variety. Smoke They were compared with non-smokers, high risk of lung cancer8-12Fold higher risk of laryngeal cancer 8 Fold High risk of esophageal cancer 6 Times, high bladder cancer 4 Times. This shows that smoking not only causes lung cancer.

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