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Being a woman, You do Fairy (a 34 Year-old woman maintenance tips) 

35 year women

This year, I34 Years, many unfamiliar people saw me, thought it was25Years old. A ponytail, wearing sportswear,And my husband went out to buy fruit, that the boss suddenly asked:”He is your father?”(She may think Our big age difference,While talking and looked very intimate, so doubt ask) my husband37Year-old doctor, in fact, maintained good. maybeI look too young, so it was misunderstood person. Say on These surfaces, is not to show off, but feel that they have capitalGeorgia sent this post to talk about the experience. If the sisters think that is wrong, there is seen a laugh.      

I think women Totale have surgery, do nothing less than two Point: to keep fit, younger skin. Many girls desperate to lose weight, orThe use of advanced skin care products,But the effect is not ideal.Because both,Just to repair the body from the outside,And most fundamentally,In fact, we should note Internal weight. Like saying slogan says: a woman’s beauty, to care from the inside out. My inner innatenot good. Sickly childhood, college suffered a big accident. However, for many years nursed back to health at To my bodyMany resumed, even better than I had a lot of healthy students. Next, I talk about my own experience:            

Morning, Drink a cup of honey and pollen of water, eat a spoonful Royal Jelly. Although royal jelly hormones, but as long as usual to eat fried chickensome type of,Simply does not matter, My holidays have been very accurate.Now many are ripening hormone poultry,In fact, they contain far higherIn bee products hormones. I’m here Shanghai, the use of bee products brand is”Tucson Bee Park”. It home”Linden tree honey raw”It is especially good,Semi-solid,Placed in a plastic bucket.Guan Sheng Yuan honey sweet feeling,Like added sugar like.Bee products brand Very important.In fact all the food,Should pay attention to the brand as much as possible,After all, we live in a very safe country.  

Then there’s a pot of tea. I drink tea for two years, body weight Fall seven or eight pounds. Of course, this is a Very slow process, My intention is not to lose weight,So this did not care.The greatest advantage of this feeling,Let me excretionsmooth. Not diarrhea, but a regular, every day 1-2Times, drinking a glass or two later, there is a feeling on the toilet. FemaleCompared to men who,Many digestive system is weak,Therefore, women are more prone to constipation.This is the enemy of female beauty: Think about it More garbage in the body, Correct Health is positively harmful. therefore, Drain this off is very important, Every day till I had finished this off, Peace of mind to go to work and eat.  I drink tea, it turned out to be a patient of my husband sent. I recently saw Shanghai Sell, let the husband and the sickI say do not send,After all, old people send embarrassed.I bought the tea drinkers Cape (National Day in the horizon when diving,To see a AMMPostings mentioned), although I was an outsider tea, But still I feel out, general tea drinkers than my husband’s illnessHe was sent to well. Anyway, my people are talking about the brand, once seriously, they insist has been a brand. What’s more, listen He said the market 95% Pu’er tea is fake of.        

Drink a few cups of tea, using the toilet, a little hungry belly. If it is not summer, nor cases of vacation,Eat a few mouthfuls of homemade Gelatin. I used” Donkey-hide gelatin”Plus plus sesame walnuts (sometimes buy Less, use sesame paste) plus plus wolfberry and red datesBoiled sugar,These things are broken with a twisted trip prior machine.Gelatin is said to have a lot of counterfeiting (think that,This is by donkeyBoiled leather, where so much ass ah), the I specifically went to Nanjing Road, Lei Yun Shang buy”East Azerbaijan” brand. A finished Gum after eating grains,Sweet potato cooked in the microwave turn,Or cereal,Or convenience store to buy boiled corn.If you haveAppetite, To eat an apple. After work (I usually went to bed early, get up early, so breakfast tolerate me off Soar:-)        

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In the unit, theI drink tea.Up comes with fruit,In the afternoon to eat a point.I’m a little teapot from home,Where to put a small cup,On the table does not occupy any place,There dispenser unit.Not boiling water,Just enough heat onokay. Day, drink with light, after work on No longer drink water, otherwise there will be swelling and puffiness.

I eat lunch in the unit, Just choose to eat vegetarian, Sometimes fish,But not fried fish, Do not touch octopus like high cholesterol Fish. If it is greasy food, in Water and steep re-entry. Dinner is more complex,I cook a pot of white fungus soup,Which add dates,Wolfberry, Lotus seeds, red bean,Barley,corn kernels,Black beans,Angelica, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Woodcrest Hill (winter time), Mung bean (summer), Lily (summer), almond and so on.eachAll kind of increase is less,Inflicted pot.I try to buy organic supermarket cereals,Anyway, each to eat less,Your on your point.      

After Night rice,Walking out in the district,A loose1More than an hour,Back bath to bed,Bedtime drink a small cup of red wine.I have been drinking red wine Senior Emperor Xuan. In fact, not too expensive, seventy to eighty dollars a bottle, drink a few week. WithTried before three to four dollars a bottle, the taste is far worse. Like wine and tea, but also pay attention to quality.      

The above is my diet, it may seem obvious, but these are my diet Long learning the lessons and fourToo,I believe there has been very reasonable diet structure,And is particularly suitable for a woman.Bee products and miscellaneous dinner white fungus soup,CorrectFemale skin is very beneficial to the main elements of tea and lunch Rice, and very body sculpting. Of course, the biggest advantage is the bodyBody good. As long as long-term adherence, will be able to see the effect.        I now165CM,96jin. It looks very well-proportioned. My skin is also very good, None of acne, very shiny.Often pink cheeks flushed.And the original sick cats child is quite different.There are college students to see me,I exclaimed than when readingstill young. And I actually used cosmetics, just glycerol, Vaseline only, the cheapest domestic cleanser.Even TonerWater makes all her own (pure water+glycerin+White vinegar). Up foundation milk more expensive by Clinique.      

I see a post in the horizon, saying around Yung Maung little more than two-year-old woman over the age of, I thought: If I were toFour or five years old,We must be able to do so.Which has a Huitie,One sister said my mother said something had to eat grassYi beauty. Indeed the case So, for example, white fungus, which collagen is not necessarily worse than the bird’s nest. Herbaceous+Pu’er+Basic elementsFood (weekly2Times fish), I believe that every woman can become a monster.        

We called and protein Fat, not only refers to the meat of it. I eat fish every week, fish more than meat protein must beOk. Now the chicken ah ah pig, dirty and full of hormones, do not eat anything nutritious.  In addition to fish, I eat Beans, black beans, soy beans, soy products in a variety of beans. Since there is time to eat light milk poisoning,I can not eat milk, unless occasionally buy a bottle of yogurt, yogurt milk primer. Moreover, a lot of whole grains, dayHowever, there are fat. Such as walnuts, sesame seeds, almonds, are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which I eat every day (the first two are inGelatin in).  PM if hungry, you may wish to eat something to fill the belly and fever. On my Stomach, Apple and most likely to give it a full milka feeling of. Other fruits can, red dates can. Principles pm and is easy to digest (does not affect the dinner) can complementCharge the appropriate energy.    

Pearl powder received Pores, I will do so: Cawan cream, pearl powder with that belly dip deposited in the pores of the place, Be careful not to apply too much, otherwise it will go to the back to let the skin dry. Pearl powder skin can not absorb nutrients, but it is wellImport agent,It allows the skin to better absorb nutrients else.Pearl powder deposition rate,I let myself in control thereCream absorbed,Pores, andBut there is no loose powder adhered to the skin surface.Dendrobium is a useful effectHerbs. But I am not very clear specific role.    

Tea bag tea quality is poor, and if MMD rink is a taste that good, but the effect, I think Bit suspicious. IGreen tea have a relative to do business,He said the general processing of tea,They are the worst tea leaves to make tea bags.There is,they haveWhen re-packaging inferior tea, sent to the supermarket, and sell more expensive. listen Of that, I do not drink Lipton RedTea, you will not then to the supermarket to buy tea. I said Pu tea drinkers in Shanghai Jing’an Temple, 900 food there. byNearly Paramount. The specific circumstances of his family have a website, real Breakfast absorption is indeed the best,That is because the metabolism of the best morning.But this time absorbed in,Full of nutrition,Heat may have come a long day Consumption, not fat.MMEating yogurt, apple quite nutritious, but too littleCereals, may wish to punch some cereal and the like, should be on the overall:-) However, each person’s physical condition, this recipeFor me, from my physical condition it can be seen. Of course, others may not be suitable, someone will drink milk to drink it out of a migraine.So for reference only.      

In fact, I am quite a lazy person, a closer look My recipe is not the same need to spend time. For example, morning cerealPorridge,Is sent to a microwave oven with hot water,Sweet potatoes also feed microwave,Corn just buy ready-made.Night Miscellaneous fungusGrain soup is also very simple Single: the things that wash wash, the bubble bubble, thrown into the pot on the line, occasionally thought, kitchenStir on the line. Certainly better than manyMMCooking is much more relaxed. And as long as the final wash on the line a casserole.

Also someone said,  tea is also very time consuming,actually not.We rushed a instant coffee it is also very troublesome,Also flush,Also stirring,Finally, in addition to even wash wash cup spoon.Ha ha,It seems to be about the same.Simply drinking tea Tea poured into the pot,Water to brew on the line. Usually on hand, I thought of a drink, less time-consuming.

And alsoMMSaid gelatin to do a lot of trouble. I use the most effortless way: true seedless dates are disposable Empty packaging, walnutsWalnut is saline,It is open and eat the kind,Sesame also buy ready-fried.Doing,Can you break it into several breaking gelatinBlock, not breaking, it is thrown into hot water block. Remember, water will fling Crazy stirring, it will not sticky end. in advance,The other things one feed mixer crumble,And other gelatin stirring well,The other thing into a fling.In ten minutes,Pot gelatinous stuff is done. Then cooled discharge Refrigerator, nor troublesome.  and also MM

That life is not quite so no fun. actually not. At a young age, I also like to eat dessert, eat ice creamAnd chocolate. Then know that bad, but if you do not eat that These, my life is boring. But be aware:Human taste has inertia,For example, you eat sweet,Today, add a spoonful of sugar,Tomorrow is not satisfied that a spoonful of sugar,Need to addTwo spoonfuls of sugar, slowly slowly eat more sweet, Your palate remains unsatisfied. Like to eat fried, spicy food, are the same, itIt is to continue to stimulate their taste buds. Numb your taste buds, it will rely on the taste, eat oil eat more spicy. We canTo do, It is subtraction. Save a spoonful of sugar today, tomorrow Save spoonful of sugar. Slowly you will feel , It is too sweet chocolate,Too tired, I can not afford to eat the stomach to digest, do not feel good, and will not eat.

I am now, Already quit these things (think about how I used to be fond of spicy chicken Fort Khan). Now my tasteLei is very sensitive. Red dates, longan, fruit sweetness, I just have to better. In fact, each of the natural food, it has fromOwn aroma and sweetness,Our ancestors tongueIn order to enjoy these things it is natural born.We have to do,onIt is back to nature. When you really be able to enjoy a delicious apple and a cup of tea, you will Think life lovelySomething that has a lot more than before.        

Two sisters asked honey water will not get fat. Morning fast metabolism, is not fat. What’s more, weight is aA heat Access problem, the less the much fat will. There is a more traditional view is towards the salt late honey, but IKnow the kind of point that fasting every morning to drink salt water, will the cardiovascular system (if I remember correctly) is not it is good, Accelerate its hardening and the like. So I chose to drink honey water in the morning.  

I also sometimes went out to dinner,But there is a heart thatTo eat things on it.For example, some fried things I absolutely do not eat.Try the vegetable soup rather than the fried.Try fish is steamed rather than fried.Non-fried red meat will eat aPoint, but not much. I was basically at home in postings written recipes. In fact, I quite like hot pot, not Had no seasoning, justStained eaten with vinegar. Like some sort of pumpkin, do not even vinegar itself is very delicious.

Almost every week I have to go out a few tons dinners, or family to eat, but I will try to choose nutritious day Often no recipessome,Such as kelp,Yams,Mushroom and the like,White meat red meat will eat a few mouthfuls.So do not be afraid little nutritional insufficiency.

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