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Summary:AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, the English nameAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome,AIDS.Because humans infected with human immunodeficiency virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus,HIV) After the cause immunodeficiency, concurrentA series of opportunistic infections and tumors, severe cases can lead to death syndrome. Currently, AIDS has become a serious health threat to people of the worldKang public health problem.1983, Humans first discoveredHIV. Currently, AIDS has changed from one fatal disease of availableControl of chronic diseases. This article will treat the last few years and its progress in the AIDS virus as a brief description.

Key words: AIDS  Immuno deficiency  infection  lethal  virus

AIDS Research Progress at home and abroad 

Abstract: AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, the English name of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS. Lead to immunodeficiency in humans infected with human immunodeficiency virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV), complicated by a series of opportunistic infections and tumors, severe cases can result in death syndrome. Currently, AIDS has become a serious threat to the health of the people of the world public health problem. In 1983, the first human found HIV. AIDS from a fatal disease into a controllable chronic disease. In this paper, a brief elaboration recent years the treatment of AIDS and its progress in the research of the virus.

AIDS immunodeficiency; infection progress; lethal; virus 


from 20 century 80 Since the early years of AIDS, the world, while its extensive basic research, to open its textile industryShow a wide range of exploration. Although rapid progress, but so far there is no medicine called special effects. Thus, the gene therapy of AIDS has become sheepExplore ways to effect a direction for AIDS prevention(1). China in recent years, the number of HIV infections per year increase fairly quicklyLong, indicating China has entered a period of rapid growth. Once in the growth period, there will be accelerated growth of the infection trend, if thisPhase control measures ineffective, will quickly enter the flood period. Therefore, China can be used for containment of AIDS is not much time and opportunity.Only to 2006 Years, AIDS has made 2500 People were killed 4000 Million people are infected, it has become the world15-59 Men and women aged topKiller, so that the history of human development has suffered the biggest reversal, in other words it has become the biggest challenge facing our generation

First, the AIDS epidemic in the country

AIDS in China through three roughly six new stage,1985 Year to 1988 In case the incoming of foreign, 1989 Year to 1993 In the spread of AIDS,1994In so far as the rapid growth of AIDS. in 1985 Year to 1988, The National AIDS everyIn less than a report dozens of cases, the vast majority of infected people return from abroad, at the time known as the AIDS abroad.1989 year 10 Yunnan monthProvincial health and epidemic prevention departments detected in the China-Burma border146 AIDS virus infection,Source of infection Television intravenous drug use.From 1989 Year to 1994 Years, China entered the proliferation of the AIDS epidemic.1995 The number of HIV infections in China from the previous hundreds of cases of a sudden jumpRise1567Cases, including the vast majority of people in Henan to sell blood in some rural areas of China into the rapid growth of the AIDS epidemic.  According to the Chinese Ministry of Health 2003 Assessment report published by the end of AIDS, AIDS is currently in China has entered the peak of the epidemic, the report Disclosure China existing HIV infection 84 Million, of which AIDS patients 8 People, the epidemic has spread throughout the country 31 Provinces.  2001 year8monthtwenty threeday,Chinese government announced that China to the outside world due to the presence of the fact that the spread of AIDS selling blood.Wen village as this one kindRepresentative types of propagation inevitable overnight. Ever since the emergence of AIDS in the world, the main route of transmission is sexual. In China,Currently through intravenous drug use and paid blood donation is the main route of transmission of AIDS. Data shows, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Guangxi, GuangzhouEast, Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Beijing and other nine provinces and municipalities, the local population direct drug prevalence has exceeded5%,butExperts suggest that sexual transmission of power still can not be ignored.  Deputy Health Minister Lund summarizes the main features of China’s AIDS epidemic:One involves a wide range,Nationwide31Provinces,autonomous region,Municipalities were found to be infected persons; the second is the epidemic spread from high-risk groups to the general population, drug users sharing syringes is the spread of HIVThe primary channel through sexual contact, mother to child transmission rate of growth year after year, the third is infected are young, mostly in rural areas,Fourth, in some areas faced with the peak incidence of death,Fifth, the AIDS epidemic widespread risk factors,Mainly as unsafe sex,In the MSM, sex workers population has a higher proportion of drug users sharing syringes behavior prevalent among drug users.  China has now entered a period of rapid HIV eyeful of each year in order to30%Growth rate. Experts predict that if nothing is doneEffective control to2010The number of HIV infections in China will exceed1000Million, while the Chinese government’s goal is to2010Years, the number of people infected with HIV control in China150Wan inside. Obviously, in front of a very difficult task

Second, foreign AIDS epidemic dynamics

from 1981 In the first case in the United StatesAIDS Since the patient is currentlyAIDSIt has been widely popular in the world, to 2002 The end of the worldA total reportable segments and five continents 210 A number of countries,HIVEstimated the number of infections, which 90% Over minors, whoin 41% For women. Estimated worldwide 1% of 15 to 49 Infection in adults agedHIV,Have75%Because the cause is sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. In a senseDyed who have 270 Million were 15 Children with 90% Flash of those infected live in developing countries.2002, The world HIV About new infections 500 Million, or children 80 Million, or about every day 16,000 Human infection. only 2002 Global because AIDS The death of 310 Million, or whose parents died in the existing global AIDS Orphans 1120 Million and the vast majority in Africa. Sub-Saharan AfricaThe world by AIDS Most severely affected areas. To 2002 Late last year, the regionHIVThe total number of infections2940Million, accounting for the globalThe total number of infections 70% the above. 2003 In new HIV cases 320 Million and the number of deaths reached230Million and the total number of deaths accumulated over


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