Beauty Medicine: Ten tips raised do not get sick



Beauty Medicine: Ten tips raised do not get sick

1. The good mouth shut.

Chicago public health consultant Joanna Broussard pointed out,Carefully brush your teeth,Use mouthwash,canImprove immunity enough.Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontitis,Leading to diabetes or heart disease,So the good oral clearance is guaranteedSyndrome healthy first step.   

2. A pair of clean hands.

Handwashing goes without saying,But most people are not.Sheila Castro, MDSaid that in the flu epidemic season, every day for a multi-purpose soap. Use proper hand-washing, allowing global10Million people awayFrom colds, as well as preventing other infectious diseases. 

3. Eat red apples.

“An apple a day, doctors are unemployed.”Red apples, cabbage and green tea contains a substance called quercetinNatural antioxidants,It allows people to enhance the immune system under pressure.Professor Appalachian State University David NiemanDr. study found,continuous5Week by Red Apple intake of quercetin people,It will reduce the risk of respiratory disease40%. 
4.Social interaction much broader.Professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University Hilton Cohen said,When people sufferWhen viruses,Some cold personality factors will play a role in the resistance.Compared with introverts,Export-oriented cold a few peopleLower rates,This is because the social interaction can enhance the body’s resistance.Social interaction and more people suffer from less heart disease,Life morelong. 

5.Move every day.

Anna Christie, MD, Northrop said, Exercise can improve blood circulation,Improve the immunity,Even with the bacteria invade the body, the body will annihilate them all out.

6.Sleep should be sufficient.

“Sleeping on a daily  asis 8 Hours,Absolutely make you less sick. “Northrop said, hitting the pillow to sleepAnd slept well all night, less likely to catch a cold. Good sleep, increased metabolism, the immune system can be restored quickly.   

7. Optimistic mood. 

Cohen’s research shows that happy, warm, calm people, less likely to suffer from infectious diseases.They investigated193Healthy people,People with positive emotions found fewer cold symptoms,The upper respiratory tract is also more resistantforce.”This is a stable personality trait.It is not because they are suffering from a cold virus attacks pleasant mood that day.”Cohen says. 

8. Do not ignore the vitamins.

The world is lack of vitaminD.Northrop said,VitaminDCommon in fish,Eggs and milk,Eat more of these foods beneficial to health.VitaminCShortage will be reduced immunity,People can ingest this from citrus fruitsNutrients.

9. Good attitude wins tablets.

An idea appears,Body will ensue a series of biochemical reactions.Positive attitude will improveNitric oxide levels, so get neurotransmitter balance, immune system is improved.   

10. Breathe, learning meditation. 

Meditation Training makes people calmer nervous system, helps to release pressure, adjustSection sleep,Improve the immunity.University of Wisconsin and Harvard University researchers found thatVolunteers attend meditation trainingInfluenza antibodies are produced, than those who did not carry out such training much more.

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