Bedroom healthy lifestyle six major coup



When it comes to the bedroom, people will think of to relax in pleasant place. The bedroom is let Person sleeping resting place, but also to cultivate intimacy and couples get soothe the soul of Place where the completion of a few effortless things can make you live longer, life More sweet and moist.

Bedroom How do health regimen, we can start from the most simple way, than Such as sleep, sleep is everyone must do every day, sleep in the process, we also Health can be done way before going to bed to sleep this time, we can also physically Sports, sports psychology, etc. to make a supplement to sleep.  After getting up, before the fields, doing stretching exercises  Some people, no matter how muscles relax sleep at night, or waking up It is in a tight state.

After getting up, before the fields, doing stretching exercises to make this part of the muscle 

Meat fully stretched. Experts believe that the US Mayo Clinic, just5Minutes of stretching exercises Should neck, gradually extending to the arm, shoulder, lower back and calf can Improve blood circulation, promote joint health and improve the body’s flexibility and agility. Done After the warm-up exercises, strong muscles will make you safe and sound through a new day.

Naked body to look in the full-length mirror in  

No matter how healthy, most people will look at their naked taboo in the mirror Image.It is because of this,People may miss important changes in the body occur.Exercise physiology expert at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Ann Watts, Gavin said:”Look Mirror their naked make you familiar with their normal state

The unexplained bulge and inflammation spots, there may be warning signs of serious illness,Investigation should seek immediate medical attention.”

Bed time1H Turn off the computer and TV  

Virginia clinical psychologist Michael Bruce found: a Night People will sleep well on the reaction speed and drunken people the same. Bruce recommends Before going to sleep in the elderly1Hours to turn off the TV and computer, in order to fully compensate for the precious sleeping time.

Weekly sex life  

Researchers at Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland on1000Middle-aged men For a period of10After years of follow-up survey showed that weekly sex life of men mortality rate,Those infrequent sex frequency half that of men.In the course of life,The body will release people feel happy hormones (end orphins), Stress hormone secretion Rapid decline in muscle get stronger, breathing becomes deeper and increase blood circulation Chronic pain relief and a series of physiological responses. Each sex can burn off about200Kcal of heat, is equivalent to a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise first. 

Bedtime meditation, and the people around Thanksgiving  

Before going to sleep in the bedroom doing meditation, heart meditation variety of good wishes, can improve heart Management health and immune system function. Dr. Robert Eamon American Psychological Spoleto Shi pointed out that those who have consciously to family members, friends, colleagues, thanked the people,Less likely to anxiety, depression and headache, muscle pain, pressure performance.


Heavy pajamas disrupt normal sleep mode, it will wake up at night

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