Cancer can be identified with the naked eye, please? What is cancer?


Cancer can be identified with the naked eye, please? What is cancer?

There is a very popular mistake on cancer, or idea is that many people take for granted, it is sure that cancer lies a thin, ill, red certainly did not have cancer. So, there are people who think their body stick, thinking that the pink look good, concluded that his relationship with cancer didn’t half dime.

In fact, the cancer sometimes superficial “looks” nothing! Got cancer, not just looking at the surface. Some people seem very thin, look also very uncomfortable pain, seems not much, may only be small, or even just a cold, cold sometimes makes people very uncomfortable while others looked radiant, cancer is rooted in the body. Especially early cancer of cancer, there may be no symptoms or only minor discomfort, or even uncomfortable, but the discomfort may also not specific. Therefore, cannot be considered to have cancer is sure to take off three layers of skin, to equate cancer with dying people.

In fact, only with terminal cancer, and even weight loss is possible only by dying or suffering. Cancer patients can also look “healthy”, early cancer possible only through physical examination found. Therefore, do not think Oncology Ward is a dying man, to the Oncology ward you will find, no essential difference with other general wards.

Here reminded everyone note two a problem: a is don’t to body surface of phenomenon to judge whether got cancer, II is don’t put Oncology Ward imagine into died Qian of care places, think tumor patients are is looks is terrorist of like, three is to has cancer check cancer consciousness, body has does not apply to timely visits, and no any does not apply performance also to depending on situation for regularly medical, especially high-risk crowd more to do cancer screen check early diagnosis, completely change bad lifestyle, away from carcinogenic factors, will fate holds in himself hands.

It was also felt that, as long as the cancer in the elderly, young people will not get cancer.

As happened around more and more cancer patients, many people may have seen people of all ages to get cancer, so fewer people have this misconception. But many people still believe in the subconscious, cancer only to find older, less to do with young people, especially many people wasted their youth, that cancer has nothing to do with him.
People of any age can get cancer, but it cannot be denied that age gradually increases the probability of cancer, because cancer is not “keep”, the accumulation of factors that contribute to cancer work requirements, occasional exposure to carcinogens is not cancer as long as long-term repeated exposure to carcinogenic factors, will it be possible to get cancer. Has often been said that examination was fine in the first half of the year, how to get cancer in the second half, too fast.

In fact he does not know, he did not have six months of cancer. Age more big have cancer of probability more big, also has a reasons is body of resistance with age increases has declined, and age more big, natural contact carcinogenic factors of opportunities on more big, contact time also may more long, so for old people, especially need note enhanced itself of resistance capacity, usually note nutrition of balanced intake, more eat containing vitamin of fruits and vegetables, necessary Shi can appropriate of fill se, using new dilute treasure official Mall of SE dimension Kang mouth chewing tablets, drug prison Council approval preparations, security efficient fill se, Help middle-aged and older adults to enhance their immunity, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and improve the quality of life.

But you need to understand the situation, cancer has shown a trend of younger, especially in the past 20 years. According to the data, according to the annual report on cancer registration in 2012 China, trends in cancer incidence in recent 20 years younger. Cancer is not the elderly “patents”, 40 per cent of the people most in need of attention, people under 40 years of age must not be taken lightly, early prevention early check early diagnosis and early treatment, prevention and treatment, not luck.


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