Community drug rehabilitation duties System


Community drug rehabilitation duties System   

 drug rehabilitationCommunity Drug(Rehabilitation)Office duties System 
(A) seriously implement the “drug law” work requirements, develop community drug treatment (KangComplex) Responsibilities systems and work planning, organization and implementation of community treatment (rehabilitation)jobs. Make arrangements for layout, inspection and implementation organize regular community drug treatment (KangComplex) Working Group members held a working meeting to hear community treatment (rehabilitation) workFor reports on the situation, coordinate the handling of community treatment (rehabilitation) difficulties in work and askedquestion.

(B) organizing and directing the community treatment (rehabilitation) working group, according to the public security organsOff ordered “community drug treatment decision/CBR decision “, To meet the community ringDrug addicts or drug rehabilitation conditions in community treatment (rehabilitation) for three yearsWork, and the actual performance of community treatment (rehabilitation) personnel and the situation for detoxificationA comprehensive assessment.

(C) into the community supervision, research community treatment (rehabilitation), and timely investigationTo find the problem, sum up experience, to develop corrective measures to promote best practices. (Iv) the timely completion of various tasks assigned by superiors Narcotics Control Commission, at all levelsInspections and examinations narcotics department.

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