Do ultra classic acne method acne face sharing

Do ultra classic acne method acne face shared acne face do? When it comes to what acne on the face this problem, many people will encounter, acne on his face do? In this issue, small series to share with you some classic acne method! What acne face 1, will face a thorough clean every morning and night with a weak acid cleanser will face a thorough clean. 

Do not use cleaning force is too strong or alkaline products,

Do not use cleaning force is too strong or alkaline products, so as not to undermine the essence of weakly acidic sebum film, because by the devastation of the pH of the acid mantle, very easy to breed bacteria. Cleaning products containing water-soluble moisturizing factors should be used, such as moisturizing lotion or serum in order to reduce the burden on the skin’s oil. So when you select a cleanser must be careful to distinguish, select reliable and effective cleanser, you can make the acne twice. “Face Shang long acne do” most effective to Acne clean surface milk recommended: 
DreamtimesM2 dream clean surface milk this paragraph dream emulsion with with powerful of fill water control oil effect, clever through regulation skin surface of water oil balance let oil no hiding of at, again through deep fill water moisturizing to dredge pores, to completely away acne, makes skin water run has gloss, effect immediate see have see, all was praised, was users are as rout acne of “God fill knife”, is master in civil Ah, to Acne is must has! What acne face 2, reasonable diet to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fat, sugar and spicy, spicy food, keep the bowels. “Do acne face” do acne face 3, do not use hand to squeeze the acne do not use hands to squeeze acne, so as not to cause festering inflammation, abscess, ruptured absorbed after the formation of scars and pigmentation, affects artisticly. 

Antibiotic effect of the infection

Antibiotic effect of the infection. “Do acne face” do acne face 4, work and rest, keep in good spirits is good for acne treatment. Long acne not a burden, to avoid a neuroendocrine disorder and make acne worse. If this acne on my face is not out of the way, not necessarily to drugs, such as its natural healing and General leave no trace when the acne. Pull the dash, leaving unpleasant potholes. But severe acne, Dermatology treatment should go to the hospital, do not blindly use. “Do acne face” face anti-acne acne acne do 5, eat kelp, commonly known as pimples, acne, is one of the young men and women worry about skin disease. According to medical researchers, eat more kelp in the adolescent population, and very few people suffering from acne, the reason was

Associated with seaweed contains high levels of zinc

Associated with seaweed contains high levels of zinc. Zinc is an essential trace element, it can not only enhance the immune function, but also to participate in the metabolism of the skin, so that normal differentiation of epithelial cells, reduce the angle of the pilosebaceous duct and Sebaceous Gland secretions, discharge. “Do acne face” do acne face 6, tomato juice 1 cup tomato juice or eat tomatoes a day, prevention and treatment of freckles had a good effect. Because the tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, known as “warehouses of vitamin c”. 

Vitamin c may inhibit tyrosinase activity in skin

Vitamin c may inhibit tyrosinase activity in skin, reducing the formation of melanin, making skin white and tender, dark spots fade. “Do acne face” do acne face 7, juice of lemon rock candy stir the lemon juice and add rock sugar in moderation. Lemons are rich in vitamin c, 100 grams of vitamin c in lemon juice may be as high as 50 mg/dl. In addition also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and b vitamins. Drink lemon juice, not only white and tender skin, prevent skin aging, elimination of pigmented spots, but also can prevent hardening of the arteries. “Do acne face” do acne face 8, Apple paste fresh apples into mixer, paint on your face for 30 minutes, washed with salt water, not only feel very fresh, and you can make the skin white and tender. 
For a month, you can effectively get rid of freckles and pimples. “Do acne face” do acne face 9, mashed PEAR PEAR combined with yogurt mask, apply to the face after 15-20 minutes wash, having oily skin and acne, enlarged pores and acne has anti-inflammatory effects, you can also shrink pores. “Do acne face” do acne face 10, banana banana meat mix into a paste evenly to the face after 20 minutes wash, antiseptic, especially for long acne skin. “Do acne face” face acne on what protein 11, Aloe Aloe pulp, mixed with homemade honey facial mask and protein, you can get rid of acne effectively. Because Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and calming function, protein can detoxify, honey contains vitamins, glucose, fructose can nourish skin, and sterilization, disinfection, accelerate wound healing. “Do acne on the face”
What acne face 12, mung bean flour and mung bean powder has a very good role in detoxification, it is often used to treat acne. As long as you can keep for a week, acne will be significantly less long, your skin will be smooth and tender! “do acne face” do acne face + 13, almond egg white almonds can be heat sterilized, with egg white mixed together, you can quickly remove acne, while firming the skin. Can be used as a sleeping mask. “Do acne on the face”.


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