Globally recognized healthy lifestyle schedule



healthy lifestyle schedule
healthy lifestyle schedule

7:30-8:00: Brush your teeth before breakfast.  


“Before breakfast, brushing teeth to prevent corrosion,Because after brushing,Can be applied to the outside of the teeth A layer of a fluorine-containing layer of protection.Either Just half an hour after breakfast and then brush your teeth and so on.”British Dental Association Health And security researcher Gordon Watkins said. 

8:00-8:30: Eat breakfast.  

 “You must eat breakfast,Because it can help you maintain blood sugar levels stable.”Science, University of London KingHospital nutritionist Kevin Weier Lun said.You can eat oatmeal for breakfast,Such foods have a low glycemic index.

8:30-9:00 :avoid movement. 

Researchers from Brunel University found In the morning exercise athletes more susceptible to illnessdisease, Because this time the immune system function weakest.Walk to work.University of Massachusetts Medical School The researchers found that people walk every day, sedentary chance than those who do not exercise a cold low disease25%. 

9:30: Start of the most difficult day at work. 

Sleep Center in New York researchers have found Most people wake up every day in the minds of most of the twelve hours wide awake 

day at work

day at work

10:30: Your eyes off the screen to take a break.  

If you use computers at work, then every hour worked, let the eye rest3minute. 11:00: Eat fruit.  This is a good way to decrease blood sugar in the body to solve.Eat an orange or some red fruit,this wayYou can also add body iron content and vitamin C content.

13:00: Add some beans and vegetables on the bread. 

You need a delicious lunch,And can slowly release energy. “Baked beans are rich Cellulose, tomato sauce can be used as a part of the vegetable. “Said Dr. Jacques. 

beans and vegetables

beans and vegetables

14:30-15:30: Lunch break for a little while. 

Athens, a university study found that those who daily noon lunch break30Or more minutes per week toLittle siesta3Times people, the chance of death from heart disease will decrease37%.

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