Health implications and how to stay healthy in the fast pace of modern life



Health implications
Health implications

Summary: The fast pace of modern life,

Great learning, Working pressure, So many people did not live Regular, Schedule disorders, Mental pressure, When the body feels discomfort. Since people often complain It has been in a healthy condition. With the continuous development of society, Modern medicine presents a new concept of health “overall Health. “So What is the overall health? How to stay healthy in the fast pace of modern life? 

Key words: Modern life. Overall health. Sub-health

First, what is healthy

Health is a person in the body, And other mental and social aspects are in good condition. Traditional Health Concept is “no disease that is healthy, “The modern view of health is to overall health, World Health Organization “Health is not Only the physical absence of disease, But also with mental health, Social well-adapted and ethical. “therefore, modern Human health including: physical health, mental health, mental health, social health, mental health, road German health and environmental health. Health is a basic human right. The first wealth is health. 

(A)   physical health

  1.  In accordance with the general understanding of the connotation of health, Physical health is the ability to successfully complete their daily work, No disease Disease and disability, Good health behaviors and habits. Smart health is normal intelligence, Have cognitive thinking ability,Can accurately express their thinking with language and text, Describe different things, And can be different People and things to make analysis and judgment 
  2.  Where physical health is intact and normal physiological functions of the body structure is the basis for other health. heart Health management refers to the relative stability of the entire mental activity and psychological characteristics, Coordination is based on physical health And higher than the physical health is physical health development Physical health refers to the health of human physiology. Want to be healthy we should pay attention to the civil and military way, one of a Regular maintenance of the body relaxation exercise. In the years that has done something, but just the beginning   4,The so-called physical health, It refers to the absence of disease under the premise of the body, But also quality of life satisfaction.· The so-called mental health, It means no disturbance of consciousness, They lack a sense of perceived barriers, No thought disorder, Not paying attention Force  arriers, no memory impairment, there is no obstacle to Taiwan Yu-chi 

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(B)   Mental health 

Broadly speaking, Mental health is an efficient and satisfactory, Continuous state of mind. Narrowly speak, Mental health is a basic human mental activity process the contents intact Coordinated That understanding, emotion, Will, behavior, personal integrity and coordination, can adapt to society, and society keep pace.
Psychological Health standards    
First, the level of intelligence normal.   
Second, self Consciousness is correct.   
Third, interpersonal Harmonious relations.   
Four, Living Balance positive.   
V. Social Well-adapted.   
Six emotions Optimistic.   
Seven, will Sound behavior.   
Eight, personality Complete unity.  
Nine, characterized in mind

(C) Social Health

Also known as social adaptability, It refers to the individual and the social environment, interaction with others and have good interpersonal skills And the ability to achieve social roles. This individual has the ability to have a sense of confidence and security in the exchanges, And people-friendly Get along and feel happy and have fewer troubles, know how to make friends and maintain friendships, to know how to help others And to others for help, You can listen to the views of others, To express their thoughts, Able to act responsibly and in Society to find its proper place.  
“Moral health “A “new health education” an important group A portion which is to promote ethics Healthy Kang Society Citizens will For the purpose of By Yun With health Managing method, Humanities environment al Improved to the Lord, campus surroundings, Function ring Improve habitat Fit, use Teach knowledge Learning and ring Habitat shape Combine of the way, Focus from Ideologically On behavior and High culture Shang Road Germany accomplishment. “new Health Education Education “with Equipment professional Teacher in For schools Do moral health Kang Lecture To carry out The living Fixed popularity Legal knowledge Know, so Students through love Themselves, love their parents, love the students, love the teacher and gradually rise to the love of home, love the motherland, in Personal lines Moving Canada Strong moral Training Concept, To develop Good Ethical behavior Customary, become Moral health Kang people.   

(D) moral health 

Moral health “A “new health education” an important group A portion which is to promote ethics The public health community China for the purpose, through the use of health management Methods to improve the human environment for Main campus environment Improve the function of the environment compatible, use Knowledge combined teaching and shaping the environment Approach, focusing on Cultivate noble path from the thought and behavior Ethics. “The new health education” with Preparation of professional teachers Held moral health talks in schools, to carry out Activities popularize legal knowledge,



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