Healthy Living four time periods to know


Healthy Living four time periods to know

no smoking


4pm Cleaning  

Often clean the room, of course, pay attention to family health is the most commendable thing, but you have not noticed, energetic and sometimes you just Start cleaning will feel tired,Sometimes it will mistakes again and again,Basin is not kicked smashes cups,And even more surprising is that Just finished sweeping,The family should be more clean, but the family especially the kids but will coughing, sneezing, or even allergies……This is where you pick the wrong Consequences of cleaning time!   

in the afternoon 4point, Hand-eye coordination body of the highest rates,Also the most prone to fatigue failures and the time period,The cleaning schedule here Most suitable. In addition, in the morning and in the morning the body is very easy to allergies”Raid”,and asthma And other respiratory diseases is high in the night,So accustomed to in the morning and evening to do the best time to remove the mother changed to the afternoon,Otherwise Dangqi dust and residual air cleaners Your family are more prone to health problems!  

5 pm-6pm Cup of wine   

As long as no excessive drinking,Drinking wine has always been to enjoy life,Not to mention a small cup of red grape Wine or prevention respected health experts Painstaking effort Vascular disease Health drinks. However, our body several hours after alcohol intake, the blood alcohol value will gradually decrease, large Brain will automatically wake from a deep sleep,Difficult to fall into sweet dreams again.So easy night insomnia Or for no reason at midnight will always be awakened woman We must pay attention to time should not drink too late, otherwise this would give”Health Drinks”Take away”Healthy Sleep”! Into a common body In people consume12g Alcohol takes about1Hours, so if you want a drink at night1Glasses of red wine, drinking the best time should be in the afternoon5Point to6Around point, then our ability to metabolize alcohol liver is also the strongest!  

6 pm-8pm Snacking dinner   

Night overeat or too much fat, if not consumed, not only will the extra calories into fat, but also to the digestive system Increased overload and affect sleep at night,So many of the proposals we have advocated for dinner ahead of time,When multi-point body to digest between. In fact, this does not necessarily fall. Who often stay up late at night or who need to work, dinner, supper understandable, Dinner Gold Some time in the end is, in fact, depends on what is installed on your plate! If you want to eat a big meal at night, it is rich in carbohydrates and fat Fat, and even need to drink, it is best in Dayton feast 6O’clock began to metabolic leave enough time; if only one Shrimp salad vegetables or light soups,Some nights they can eat,But best not to exceed8point,So this seems to you a total Two hours of maneuvering time, according to their own circumstances, a good plan at the dinner menu bar!  

10pm Turn off the computer read a book 

Whether you intend to go to bed, please 10 Turn off the television and computer before point, time to prepare a body before going to sleep, so do Sleep quality will be higher Oh!

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