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    1. Elaborate range

      This document was only a volunteer responsible for collating and express their personal understanding of fear of AIDS-related knowledge, hope you help friends, this article relates to HIV/AIDS infection to explain oral sex belongs to the edge, no knowledge of sex problems. Note also, hope that we can keep his nose clean! So as to 100% excluded, otherwise, is always 99.9999…%

      2. HIV infection 

      1. Discharge: the virus must pass through blood, semen, vaginal secretions, cervical secretions, breast milk and other means from the infection or the patient’s body. 
      2. Survival: a quantitative analysis Although scientific studies have not been able to survive under different environmental conditions, but what is certain is, virus survival in the environment is very fragile, particularly in the dry environment, even lower than the viability of the hepatitis b virus. Survival of virus in saliva and tear conditions the probability is very small.
      3. Enter: the virus must pass through the damaged skin and mucous membrane in order to enter into another human’s blood. Little damage gums no virus enters the channel. 
      4. Enough: only up to a certain number of pathogens occurs when numbers do not form a certain scale, the body’s immune system can play a role in killing them.

      3. Oral sex 

      oral sex

      Without oral sex, this topic is a lot of controversy, seventh art supports most of the risk on the reference to the General Assembly on the initiative of several gay mouth shot-fine cases of infection, and believe no acts of oral sex is dangerous! First of all, this meeting is very long, and things that are good for many years ago, the case is still not widely recognized, first, fewer samples, samples of more than more than 100 gay, not enough weight and representation. Second, the case credibility of the infection channels worth considering. If the Assembly has no actual meaning, only academic significance, its nature and Nations to “negative people living with HIV” survey, does not equal recognised negative for infection, but as a research project. 

      World Health Organization has not authorized this infection channels, no warning. None of that is by far the world’s 33 million people living with HIV is no confirmed cases of infection through oral sex. Many dangers on the supporters said no oral sex if mouth bleeding gums or mouth ulcers encountered minor skin lesions of the penis can be infected. We think this is extreme not reality of speculated that, reason following: 1. sex workers of mouth. make technology General are is good, so penis contact of are is oral and tongue, not contact gum, so gum bleeding encountered penis almost impossible. 2. General no sets mouth make service in the, woman will with tongue licking licked penis, this body outside infection we know is more impossible of. 3. fire and ice, woman in the mouth with warm water and cold water will accelerate the dilution and destruction of the virus, is even less likely that infection. This is the fundamental reality of action logic, that is, reality is logically infection does not occur. 
      Even oral has bleeding, to first see bleeding volume, General of gum bleeding, ulcer like of General oral disease of bleeding volume in encountered oral saliva of diluted Hou even accept party Glans has wound also impossible infection, saliva itself on has inhibit virus of role, medical has confirmed “saliva can killed” HIV “so general oral General wound bleeding volume is impossible infection of, this is why said passive party not infection of main reasons one of, Why the infection because the theory can in theory if you have large open wound bleeding in the mouth, in this case are likely to be infected, but in practice you’re not going to get a mouthful of blood, people give you oral sex, such extreme cases if you perform oral sex on you, it is nothing but self-destruction. Second, we’ll look at rigorous scientific, according to art more than more than 100 samples of individual cases by the  General Assembly. We’ll look at more of the back, starting with United States and Australia combined test, United States 1500 people (3,000) people living with HIV, one normal. the end result is no people infected, Spain for more than 10 years of follow-up is not found. 19,000 non-protected. (positive) is not infected … 
      In addition to syphilis. infection cases recorded is gay, you say this is not a coincidence. Whatever the number, the cumulative number of worldwide sex. overwhelming a significantly higher proportion of GAY, why even syphilis is only gay. cross-infection? So many medical academics to HIV infection through oral sex is negative. If you don’t believe in logic, did not believe in statistics, so below I refer to authoritative view. Third, engaging in sexually transmitted disease epidemic AIDS research expert practitioners of 30 have had considerable social investigation and verified export. won’t affect conclusions, saying “I heard. Yang” can make people to overthrow? Medhelp on kJ’s actual risk is risk-free, never recommend testing for minimal risk and no risk that they think it’s just differences in language, the former being “specialist school of language”, teak,LIU Ngirl are 3 moderators of medhelp, teak is also infected with HIV, but they always thought kj0 risks, and both active and passive. To be sure teak in the United States there are many lectures, what he said is legally responsible.

      4. Unprotected sex 


      Once unprotected sex risk of infection is very small, as our current population, as well as carriers of data conversion obtained by the maximum number of 2 million people carrying, the risk of infection is minimal, why a high risk infections near zero? Before this we should learn some basics: microbial friends may know, some bacteria can secrete a lytic enzyme, in a case without any wound, you can automatically enter the body from the skin of young thin. But the virus is by far the most low-level pathogens, no automated ability to secrete lysozyme, so HIV virus is by means of passive external wound inside the body. If there is no presence of wound infection is not possible.

      The wound most can be seen with the naked eye, it has been suggested that some wounds are invisible, but it is not the size, if it can see with the naked eye, can cause physiological responses, because more sensitive to human nerve cells. Can’t say the wound size, will feel the pain, itching, or other sensations. No wound is usually very easy. Understanding these knowledge, you know, HIV infection has been associated with wound and. In retrospect, why hardly a high-risk infections because of minimal risk exists or might formed the wound for the first time. For further information, you can see the following examples: first, scientific reports at home and abroad for the card: 1, according to the reports, but one that comes with the experts have more than more than 500 HIV survey results showed they were “old prostitute”, that is, more than 90% is also sexually transmitted disease patients.

      Obviously, there are sexually transmitted diseases cannot be a and at high risk of STD patients is apparent with the wound. Man can be at high risk of sexually transmitted diseases for the first time, General say their sex organs are intact. 2, a professor in Wuhan reported recently, he was a party to the investigation for the families of HIV-infected people, the couple lived together for many years, has done nothing to prevent, most people are not infected, only 10% per cent of people infected with, it is said that 10% do surveys of these infections, and found that most people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological diseases and conditions. So hardly infection really sex organs intact. Second, the scientific theory can be confirmed.

      1 High risk 

      male organ for the first time should be complete, if it is sexual intercourse, due to the natural lubrication of the vagina, and highly unlikely that friction causes the wound. So regardless of whether or not that comes with the HIV infection is likely to be small.

      2 Genital wounds caused mainly in two ways:

      one is formed after the STI in the wound, especially syphilis, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases is difficult to heal the wound, so people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases to high risk is really high risk. Another cut is formed by friction, sex rubbing the wound to form, but anal sex is really hard to say. Generally speaking sexual intercourse may almost small enough to be considered a high risk infection. Probability ratio is around: GJ>XJ>KJ> kissing, sex ratio, male male > male-female > female male > female-female. A male patient with AIDS in sperm into each other without set 300:1 for anal infection, meaning that only 300 will be infected. The risk declined steadily relations and gender in different ways, are based on multiples of 10 drop. To find Miss common, female male (no sets), one of its almost 300000 points. Note here, only blood (tissue fluid) Exchange is contagious, this tissue fluid mainly refers to blood, semen and vaginal secretions. The others can be ignored. Because sexual intercourse, anal mucosa under the friction may cause skin damage, which caused the spread of possibilities. Means the cuts will lead to possible, this special understanding. Moreover, the AIDS virus that is probably a very weak, which is why, because if he leaves the host body (blood), inactivated in 1-3 seconds,

      3 Seconds after death.


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