How the young woman how to keep the secret method


keep the secret method

United States to be sleeping woman old woman …… natural beauty, but it has always failed to keep complaining about the age Month pace, can not stop the haggard face, everyone knows, the United States will go to sleep to the old woman.     

Some foods if supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine has a role in skin care, take the traditional Chinese medicine, with the taste of food, the It can be made of the efficacy of both drugs, but also with delicious food special medicine. If long-term consumption, will make your skin bright, Ageless, youthful glow. In this special presentation of several herbs and homemade beauty law, for you women Choice of friends.   

1. The jujube chrysanthemum porridge: 

jujube 50G, stems m 100G, chrysanthemum 15G, together into the pot Amount of water, porridge porridge boil until thick, add the right amount of brown sugar to taste food. This side has a spleen and blood,Liver eyesight, long-term consumption can make the face ruddy complexion, play a health and disease prevention, as Totale beauty use.          

2. Hasumi beauty soup: 

Lotus 30 Grams, Gorgon 30 Gram, barley rice 50 G, long an meat10Grams, honey appropriate, first lotus, Gorgon, barley rice soaked with water 30 Minutes, and then a dried long an with Into the pot, simmer and cook until thoroughly cooked with honey seasoning food. Long an nourishing vitality, lotus seeds Spleen Stomach,Barley rice,Gorgon is the spleen and water products.According to modern pharmacological studies Gorgon beauty must contain vitamin A, C,B Honey contains collagen proteins and enzymes and other substances can stimulate the growth of skin cells, promote new Chen metabolism;This soup is an ideal beauty diets, regular consumption of action to eliminate wrinkles, white and tender skin.        

3. Beauty blood soup: 

Bow River3G, Angelica 6G, safflower 2G, Huang 4G, stems m 100 Grams, chicken soup amount. The soaked rice was washed with water; Angelica, after the Bow River, Huang sliced ​​loaded Into a clean A small cloth bag, add chicken broth into the tile pot boiled a total concoction, and then porridge rice stems into the concoction. Porridge Add chopped green onion, salt, ginger and seasoning food when cooking thick. This porridge with blood qi, the effect of nourishing blood;Female Blood of menstruation can eat, Totale beauty, every day 1 Second, 15 Days for treatment.          

4. Support  Color tea: 

Ginger 500 G, black 250 Grams of salt100G, licorice 150 G, cloves 25 G, incense 25 Grams of pounded rough at the end and even backup. Each15-25G, decoction morning Or soaked behalf of the tea several times a day. This tea has the Spleen, nourishing, stomach, soothe the nerves, the effect of stagnation, Jiufu face of soft white, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles.          

5. Cherry white fungus soup: 

White fungus 50 Grams, cherry 30 G, osmanthus and crystal sugar. First Ice Sugar dissolves, add white fungus cook about ten minutes, then add the cherries, sweet-scented osmanthus after boiling, casual eat this soup Qi, blood, white and tender skin, the effect of beauty

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