How to eliminate acne?

how to eliminate acne

How to eliminate acne, eliminate acne three principles

Due to high temperature, oil secretion, cuticle piled too thick, plus the hair follicles of Propionibacterium acnes infested, easy form acne on your face. Because the pores are closed, the oxidation of fats have not been inside, so you can see some of the red and white point. If it is white that Whitehead, red is already inflamed, requiring early treatment. Other endocrine disorders of the body is the cause of acne. In addition, too much stress, eating pungent oily foods, stress, as well as factors such as improper cleaning can cause the symptoms. Long acne do? Follow these three simple rules. Don’t do the extra things, starting from the key points and easily eliminate acne.

  1. Choose the right skin care products skin symptoms appear in the daily care of the need for special care and special attention. Because it is only reasonable and proper skin care can promote the healing of acne, and also good for the long-term health of the skin. First thing is to choose the right skin care products, you should try to use some texture and mild products such as lotion or gel is suitable. They are refreshing and hydrating texture, so you can promote skin oil and water balance. Also recommends the use of products containing natural ingredients well, anti-inflammatory or acne ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, green tea and the like, or having to kill Propionibacterium acne aikesiqing Acne gel is a good choice.
  2. Long acne should apply sunscreen products, many people might think that face long acne pimples, do not need to apply sunscreen products, for fear of the skin pores causing secondary plug, make the symptoms worse. But in fact, if you do not use products such as sunscreen, UV rays can lead to increased inflammation, acne is more serious. But when I try to use some of the water quality of the product, safety light-containing plant ingredients. High waterproof and sweat-proof products do not use, because the seal is extremely strong, easy to clog pores. Also after use remember to do a thorough cleansing and cleaning work.
  3. Reduce the use of makeup products, acne appears when try to reduce the number of make-up, up weak though, but when choosing cosmetics should be using products with natural ingredients, colors, flavors and preservatives should be avoided. Since most of the makeup products are easy to mix with sebum and clogged pores, so beautiful you are still put to use less makeup. But also do a thorough cleansing and cleaning work.

Want friends to eliminate acne, may wish to according to the three principles for the Elimination of acne.


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