How To Play Pokemon Go

how to play pokemon go
How To Play Pokemon Go – Currently anyone definitely agree if I mention Pokémon GO as one of the game’s most phenomenal AR lively discussed among mobile gamers all over the world. Indonesia itself does not want to participate to enliven the fever games on this one.
Though not yet formally circulated in Indonesia, but thousands of gamers in the country seems not to lose the sense of being able to still play Pokémon GO.
As briefly mentioned in the article Pokémon GO preview, game artificial Niantic Labs it does have shortcomings in terms of the explanation of the mechanism of the game so simply leave a lot of questions for the new players.
With the aim of helping many Pokémon players GO out there, passing the following section we present a comprehensive guide for the Pokémon trainer Indonesia, here’s a tip and tricks so that you all can be one of the greatest trainers in no time. So whether you are ready to complete the Pokédex and become the ruler of the Gym in your town?

How to catch the Pokémon in Pokémon GO

When you are finished creating the avatar, this game will directly invite players to capture their first monster through a mini game throws a Pokéball reminds me of going to the game Can Knockdown. Although initially impressed easily, but does not give detailed information of the Niantic surrounding the circle indicator appears when you’re throwing a Pokéball.
The circle indicator is essentially a determinant of the success of you except the direction of the stroke of a finger when throwing a Pokéball. When you hold your jarimu long enough on the screen, the indicators will be refined and enlarged until the Pokéball returns you throw towards the monster. The smaller the indicator then the greater your chance to catch it (as long as the throw is right about him lo ya).
If lemparanmu misses, you could try to glean the Pokéball returns fall by doing a tap at the Pokéball before finally missing.
One more thing, when you throw a Pokéball you can also do the trick-throw arched (Curve Ball) by way of a little twirling the ball until a special animation appears on the screen. The trick to getting this extra experience is how to throw hard enough Pokéball do, so make sure you have a lot of stock in order to get advanced hunting Pokéball Pokémon after showing off this trick in front of your friends.

Tip: the AR feature is just another gimmick you need to turn off the

For efficiency the battery you when playing Pokémon GO, I recommend you to turn off the camera features an AR because it functions on its own more impressed gimmick and sometimes troublesome players.
Use your own AR mengharuskanmu to set the layout of a smartphone properly so that lemparanmu is really about the Pokémon. Bottom line if you want to experience playing a longer time, switch off the function of AR in the settings menu or at the top right of the screen when the process of catching Pokémon began.

Catch the Pokémon in a higher level

The action of throwing a Pokéball itself over the game will be more challenging. This can be seen from the level of the player character and the high value of the CP (Combat Points) shown at the top of the Pokémon. In the experiment melemparmu too long and too often miss the mark, the Pokémon will escape and you will lose the chance to get the monsters.
In addition to the duration of the throw, on a higher level, you are also required to use a particular type as well as a Pokéball special items (such as fruit-Berry) to tame the monsters type also magnitudes more nice CP.
The indicator system throw this game is also a bit of a completely revamped the pattern color showing the level of difficulty of the process capturing Pokémon. Green indicator means you face a relatively easy monsters captured. Yellow means the monsters are strong and can get away from you, and Pokéball trapping the last red which means you need to be ready with the risk of losing the best Pokéball.

Tricks: catch Pikachu in the beginning of the game

Want to have a Pikachu as the first monster you? Don’t worry because Niantic Labs quietly presents this yellow creature as easter egg that you can open it yourself at the beginning of the game
If you less like with three Starter Pokémon that you meet at the beginning of Pokémon GO, you could come across the figure of Pikachu with moving approximately 100 to 200 meters from the location of early you start the game.
Pikachu himself is an interesting monsters because electric type Pokémon is something rare you find at the beginning of Pokémon GO. Unfortunately for can get Pikachu again is a rare effort for some, so shall ye faithful affair whether using Pikachu for duel

how to play pokemon go

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