In modern society, how to understand the concept of health


In modern society, how to understand the concept of health

In modern society, how to understand the concept of health  Everyone wants health, health is a basic human right, but also that everyone wants to have maximum wealth. So what is healthy?   Health is a development, comprehensive subject. As people’s material and cultural living standards Improve, with the change of the development of science and technology and social structures, the development of a healthy and rich Connotation.

Conventional wisdom is that “health is disease-free body.”This is the first people’s health awareness.In fact, the traditional view of health is neither negative nor comprehensive.  Meaning of modern health is not just the traditional meaning of the body does not get sick of it. According to the “World WHO “explanation: health is not only refers to the absence of disease or infirmity a person phenomenon, but rather a Personal physical and psychological integrity of the state and society. This is about the health of the more modern Complete scientific concepts.

Meaning of modern health is diverse and extensive, including physical, psychological and social adaptability 3 Aspect, which ultimately depends on the quality of social adaptability physical and mental health. heart Health management is the spiritual pillar of health, physical health and mental health is the material basis. good Good emotional state can make the physiological function at its best, otherwise it will reduce or destroy some Functional disorders caused.

Changes in body conditions may bring about a corresponding psychological problems, physiologically Defects, diseases, especially chronic illness, often induces troubles, irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.Negative emotions, leading to various abnormal mental state. As a person physical and mental unity, body and Psychology is both closely interdependent.  Modern view of health is understood that the core of the relationship between mind and body. If a person chronically ill It will have adverse negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, sensitive, suspicious, fear, etc., showing All kinds of psychological disorders; conversely.

The role of psychological factors may also affect their health, leading to the body disease.   Psychological and social adaptation issues related to awareness is a comprehensive understanding of the modern concept of health Key. Once the person’s mental disorder, its ability to adapt to society will be destroyed, not even Can be a normal family life and social activities, and ultimately to individuals and families to bring great misfortune And suffering, harm to society.

As modern people, we should follow up on modern scientific development and social progress, in order to send Show eyes fully accepted modern view of health, we should have psychosomatic unity of consciousness, the individual by society Environmental awareness will influence the initiative to adjust the psychological state of consciousness to adapt to the environment, follow modern health Kang inherent law to safeguard their own health.

Since the reform and opening up, the height of my Government attaches great importance in this respect, not in this respect Foshan Breaking progress.

  1. Take the initiative to promote leadership and effective decision-making and change their ideas, from the policy, funding On the source of health needs and is conducive to healthy activities to support and develop the health promotion policy. Because health education as part of the universal quality education, our government has been Attention. Government actions and administrative intervention to support and promote health education, is healthy The inevitable trend of the development of health education.
  2. Promoting individuals, families and communities to prevent disease, promote Into the health and quality of life of responsibility. So that people in the face of personal or health-related groups When the issue wisely, effectively making a choice. By increasing the ability of community self-help achieve community Development resources.
  3. Create healthy external environment. Health education and health promotion must In broad coalition and support systems based on collaboration with relevant departments to work together to gradually create. Good living and working environment. The community, schools, businesses, etc. into a “health promotion agency Area “,” health promoting schools “,” Health Promotion factory “and so on.
  4. Actively promote medical and health Health departments and functions of the concept of change, particularly community health service centers to action toward mention For the development direction of health services. A considerable part of the community health service centers have made certain to effect.
  5. Health education in the referendum. Educate and guide the masses superstition, abandon ugly Habits, develop good habits, to promote civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, culture and health Kang psychological quality, improve the health and quality of scientific and cultural level of the whole nation.   As a new generation of college students, our physical and mental state of health on the one hand a direct impact on our own Quality of life, on the other hand affects the complete learning tasks, and thus overall, the long run Movies Ringing national cause .

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So we need to maintain physical and mental health awareness enhancement, Improve physical and mental health Kang level! 

  1. Establish a correct view of the world,Outlook on life,Values.Correct world outlook,Outlook on life,Values.Students can provide guidance for life,Also their mental activities”GPS”,Lay the foundation for foster good mental qualities.  
  2. Grasp the scientific method to deal with psychological problems. To master the scientific way of thinking, but also Learning mental health knowledge, raise awareness of mental health, and consciously safeguard their own health.  
  3. Reasonable regulation of mood, in the psychological confusion, we must first understand their own emotions State, negative emotions and troubles of life you want to vent or transfer timely and reasonable manner, actively into Row self-psychological adjustment. 
  4. Actively participate in group activities, to enhance interpersonal contacts. Healthy interpersonal favor post Parties to learn and progress, improve the personality, emotional stability, and actively participate in physical exercise, maintaining body Body health, but also an important way to promote mental health


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