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good habits
good habits

Little ruse1: 

When you wash your face every morning, I remember the way the nasal inhalation of cold water and gently cleaned. Big returns: double benefit – both nasal irritation Health and cleaned. After such a nasal daily practice, getting used to the cold, and then the invasion of cold air, will not feel surprised, does not move Move to a cold.  

Little ruse2:

In the washing room looked up to see a place to hang a pleasant landscape,First day before brushing imagine yourself in that painting inside. Big returns: Perhaps you are standing clouds shrouded hilltop looking down, perhaps you are sitting in a trendy outdoor cafe drinking coffee, Flanked by a handsome man. Make yourself a few minutes of meditation, the body’s stress hormone levels drop suddenly a lot.  

Little ruse3: 

Brewing in the minds of a can you have a positive and strong response from the famous aphorism,Every day before starting work, in the minds of this sentence Playback 5 minute. Big returns: This will make you a more positive frame of mind, to better enthusiasm into the work.  

Little ruse4: 

Traffic jams, do not patronize the poor complain about the traffic situation, for breathing to relax it. Centralized location pubic region, do 4:7:8 Breathing- First breath, and then sniff, silently count 4 Under the breath7, The mouth and then exhale with a “call” sound, silently count8under. Big returns: Just You often insist on a short break from doing this breathing exercise, you’ll find your peace of mind impetuous, if you insomnia, insomnia symptoms certainly It will be improved.  

Little ruse5: 

If you take the bus to work, while others read newspapers, do not miss the opportunity to do pelvic muscle movement. The action will focus on the contraction Vagina, urethra, continuous repeated a contraction of a discharge frequency. Do not worry, you will not move anyone noticed. Big returns: better explanation pelvis Your vagina more tightly, insist on doing every day5Such movement minute, the vaginal muscles will show more strained state, have sex “grip” of Feel, while preventing age-related incontinence.  
Little ruse6: Do not hold your breath in crowded elevator, stair climbing it! Big returns: Every climb1Minutes stairs, you will consume6Calories,Even if you just live in4Floor of a week can also consume at least120Calories,1Years is 5520 Calories, the equivalent of at least one year you can long 1 Kg of fat it.  

Little ruse7: 

To the office, take a deep breath after fingertips along the direction of the hair cycle in the head hard to comb hair. Big returns:Combing the scalp to clear your head of tension, have a clear mind to make sense, to work better.  

Little ruse8:

If the sun was shining outside the office, take a break out of the office bath15Minutes of sun. Big returns: UV is not only a very good Disinfection tool, you can also enhance the absorption of calcium, and vitamins you need Also easily obtained.  

Little ruse9:

If you can not nap midday breaks, they wipe mint cream or chewing gum. Big returns: mint cream flavor allows you to restore the spirit of gas Cool, only highlights a few seconds, the nose will be passed to the brain to stimulate the olfactory sense, your spirit will be lifted immediately. Chewing gum also Has the same effect, smell and taste will feel the stimulus, this is transmitted to the brain, the same effect will bring you excitement.  

Little ruse10: 

After working for a while, remember to firmly towering shoulders, as much as possible close to the ears, clamping arms, then relax, this action can be repeated10Times. Big returns: by making the neck, back force, stimulate blood circulation so as to achieve the effect of relaxation nape, lest you fall back pain problems.

Little ruse11: 

Your bag of snack chips fall into the trash can, put it bananas. Big returns: afternoon three or four points is most of your day fatigue, You may wish to eat bananas replenish energy. VitaminB6It can help the body produce dopamine, norepinephrine, these nerves pass up lifting Lead material, but it is vitamin banana B6 The super source. Eat snacks such chips not only make you more fatigue, and makes you more daily intake of at least155Calories, the equivalent of 11 Grams of fat.  

Little ruse12: 

Watching TV while dry brush the skin, use a dry bristle brush or a loofah in the legs, hands were gently friction, can brush To the skin was pink. Big returns: Through massage the skin, so that the surface off the old skin, accelerate blood circulation, stimulate your nerves, active your thinking dimension.  

Little ruse13: 

A mixture of lemon and a little salt pat the face five to ten minutes later, then wash off. Big rewards: travel, one day, James A lot of bacteria, and lemon with a contraction and antibacterial effects, is an excellent cleaning agent, it is rich in vitaminsB3To help prevent fine Bacteria growth, and acne have a good therapeutic effect.  

Little ruse14: 

When you wash your face, the way will be won with the palm warm water and gently pour in the closed eyes, do 20 Times; then cold water. Repeat for law 20 Times. Big returns: If you sat at the computer all day, the eyes must be tired, it may be a way to improve your eye circle.  

Little ruse15: 

Light drink drink, why not look to wine? Big returns: wines containing arm, can effectively prevent heart disease.  

Little ruse16: 

Back home at night, back pain was not, as soon as possible with a paper cup filled with water, in the refrigerator ice cemented, and then cut along the cup about 3-4 Inch, wipe back and forth in pain10minute. Big returns: allows you to eliminate the pain of swelling decreased.  

Little ruse17: 

Off the TV, release the spring1Hours earlier than you used to time1Hours of sleep! Big returns: a little more sleep will make you eligible for Get more healthy immune body to prevent influenza and similar neurological disorders headache.  

Little ruse18: 

Every night before going to bed, persist in using dental floss to clean up the teeth. Big returns: it will give you the probability of reducing the risk of gum disease 85%.  

Little ruse19: 

Cold water alternately red hot bath before going to bed, each shower for about30Second, the last time in cold water. Big returns: This will make you a tensed Neuroleptics day,Will not let you awake at night.

Little ruse20:

Bath after slashing the skin raw potatoes smashed With a clean gauze wrap,Deposited in the eyes, his legs resting flat, rest15minute. Big returns: can eliminate eye puffiness and dark circles.  

Little ruse twenty one:

Shengelanyao before going to bed. Big returns:A slow,Comfortable lazy waist is about to go to bed for the rest of the people could not be better,Loose because it can help you relax tense nerves.  

Little ruse twenty two: 

Weekends or holidays walking in the woods, index finger, middle finger, ring finger close together below the navel, take a deep breath, and gently press Belly – this is the main area to recover, the excitement, the action can be repeated15Times. Big returns: In recent years, many countries in the world.Use of forests in specific anions to regulate body functions, treatment of disease. Forest is a factory oxygen, per hectare of forest can absorb1TCarbon dioxide, produced0.37Tons of oxygen. Forest is a natural vacuum cleaner, its dust, dirt has good absorption and filtration,For the treatment of pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases is very useful.  

Little ruse twenty three:

Wrestling for a long time do not know Diansha weekend, give you a suggestion, go fishing! Big returns: Fishing is a fun outdoor activities. Move, Not only allow you one hour consumption 100-200 Calories, But also to allow the fish to become your best nutrition healthy eating,Even rich in fatThe amount less than its fat fish meat.  

Little ruse twenty four: 

Should deliberately develop their own planting plants habits. Big returns: home-grown vegetables, including carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, red Pepper, to buy much more affordable than in the store, and gardening can help you burn one hour150-250 Calories.  

Little ruse25:

If possible, go to see the sunrise on the beach or hilltop holiday. Big returns: work and marriage may have let you slack off, it may be To see the sunrise, when you see the splendor of the sun, you will have a new life to regain feeling, and will have a fresh vitality. Little

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