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After “Satsuki tells the personal experience of people living with the AIDS virus, called on young people to cherish life 25 years old, graduated from national universities, two-year career, in the eyes of others, and handsome Moon (a pseudonym) was considered to be the “$literal” of success. 1 months ago, even I think so myself. But the reality a bit cruel, take a chance, an unsafe sex moments two years ago to the brink of life and death–he is infected with the HIV (AIDS virus).

On November 8, after experiencing panic, escape, desperate, I summoned the courage to CDC HIV/AIDS section Chua sent a message, is about “a life story”, the protagonist is the moon. “Warning is not infected people, seizing every moment; encourage people who are already infected, face life, community Thanksgiving”, which is “a life story” was born in the first place. November 28 at dusk, from the “12·1” World AIDS Day to three days, in a dark Café, Satsuki was telling reporters about “a life story” behind the story.

Found in volunteer blood donors infected with HIV

Crystal: you have a good mental state, how are you? Satsuki: Okay, live and work as usual, we must strengthen the psychological implications, live in the moment. (Wearing black-rimmed glasses, dressed I licked the cup of grapefruit tea, faint smile) Crystal: when knew he was infected with HIV? Satsuki: October 19, more than a month ago, when blood donors, in fact I have a sinking feeling. Crystal: a sinking feeling? Satsuki: through the year so well. Some students are unable to find work after graduation, I graduated in just 2 years, became one of the youngest leaders, also plans to buy a House at the end of it. Honestly, happiness will awaken when I go to sleep. Crystal: you remember the day?

Satsuki: it’s hard to forget. Blood donations a week later, nor did he reply me that blood no problem, I call the municipal Center for disease control, the doctor said, “HIV this dubious”, I felt something was wrong. Crystal: I hear you on the same day to do the testing? Satsuki: while the noon quitting time to do HIV testing. Waiting 5 minutes for the results in seconds, mind blank, heart prayer “should be fine”. Doctor holding called my name, person next to me to avoid it, I know something bad. “You were indeed infected”, the doctor said. Instantly, my scalp pins and needles, cold feet, trembling, constantly drinking, repeatedly ask yourself, “this is the dream? “Jing Bao: was definitely not willing to accept the fact, right? Satsuki: well, my head with both hands pulling her hair, just a Word, “to live forever”. “7-10” ear doctor’s answers, I staggered to the side of the road, looking at the passing cars, pedestrians hurry, everyone seems to laugh at me. “I’m dead, my parents do? I didn’t shun them. What about my work? They need me. “Constantly echoed a question mark in my mind, I slap his chest, tears streaming down, at that moment, I called the” second “and said” I had an infection, “he replied within 3 days from Beijing, came to see me. Crystal: “second” is one of your best friends? Satsuki: it should be said, a former “boyfriend”. In 2003, I got into the country from a famous University, then I will know your true feelings. “Er” was 2006 ‘s, but I work in a big city in the North, because they are not in the same place, we broke up. In 2009, I came to Shenzhen.

If you has is infected, so please strong to live down: 1, and please don’t back past of dark, because road is himself through of, past of things no anyone can change; 2, and we live in at now, please you with at now more do good, and more honor you of parents and family, Thanksgiving you around of each people, more contribution social, because now you is was national of welfare and care policy support and help with; 3, and please don’t to wants to distant of future, please put you of long-term target decomposition, into short-term target, Towards your short term goals to survive, 4, play to your strengths, to take part in public activities, make your life more meaningful; 5, alive, there is hope, come on! “–Xiao Yue Yue

Moment the great love of parents give up thoughts of suicide

Crystal: CDC Chua said, you’re the fastest accepted the reality of people living with HIV? Satsuki: struggling for 3 days. First day home, I can’t watch TV, for fear of seeing others happy appearance. In the evening, from more than 20 building look out the window of the home, heart of the city, through traffic, look at their photographs, in the mirror of yourself, feel that everything is meaningless. I open the Windows, forced out the head and right leg lifted “” Crystal: do you want to die? Satsuki: (sigh), but quickly dismissed the idea. Crystal: what made you return to God? Satsuki: I can’t jump, I went my parents do, also cause problems to people in the community. Crystal: you made the right choice! How do you spend the next two days? Satsuki: to force myself not to recall the past, implying that his daily annoyance, decadent, and tomorrow is going to die is nothing different. 3rd day, “two”, his way of comforting and others do not, “the lesson,” I said, “If you like this decadent, go to death tomorrow. “Crystal:” two “the wake up call? Satsuki: Yes. I suddenly remembered a book says: “no one can be sure tomorrow, whether in this world, we are able to grasp only the moment”, Yes, I’m still alive, and as long as we live, there is hope. Pick up tells life story Crystal: “a life story” tells the story of your personal experience? Satsuki: Yes, from small to large growing up, relationships, of course, also includes the processes that arise after HIV infection. Crystal: how could write their stories to the public? Satsuki: I wanted to write something for myself as a souvenir, and more importantly, through their own experiences, warning people who are not infected, so they grasp at the moment, encourage the people who are already infected, please stand up to life, community Thanksgiving. Crystal: the process of writing is also quite uncomfortable? Satsuki: grief, always thinking, all my savings were not, as long as Exchange for health, for my parents, I am willing to get married and have children, but does not come back, the only thing I can do is through my story, arouse the attention of people, especially young people about AIDS. Crystal: “a life story” has been the Centers for disease control has published brochures publicly distributed. Satsuki: I know, I’m willing to do public service campaigns.


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