Pretty woman lifestyle tips, to make young woman holding secret



 Pretty woman lifestyle tips

1. Introductory phrase:

Dear!Do you know how to do a real beautiful woman? Pretty woman is not just rely on technology Makeup to keep young and beautiful Oh! In life, we can also do something to help our group aging Oh!     

woman and man

2. Allow young woman holding nine secret  

Secret 1: protect good face. 
Secret 2: breast care.  
Secret 3: keep the “sunshine” mood.
Secret 4:Sleep well.
Secret 5: Anti-thick waist.
Secret 6: Paul intelligence.
Secret 7: to prevent wrinkles.
Secret 8: reductionpain.
Secret 9: keeping sex.

5. Skin care tips   

Skin care tips

Bath not too frequent,Day guarantee8Glasses of water.2,Try to choose natural products,Night cream is very important.3,Skin care products can not be applied more than once.4A cup of coffee to help eliminate bags under the eyes.5Select natural exfoliating product.6,Do not sunbathing.7, Not excessive facial massage.8Do not use lipstick contain medicines.9Do not try to use products containing alcohol or toothpaste to deal with acne.
Add a little salt in the water, not only sterilization, but also remove grease; Add a little bee in the water, long-term firm

4. Bitter to lose weight  

It found,Bitter gourd contains a bitter elements,The body can reduce the intake of fat and polysaccharides.Daily serviceuse1Mg of the composition,Can prevent the absorption of100Grams of fat.Bitter to lose weight in order to receive rawEffect,And a day to be eaten raw2To3Article can.Spleen stomach should not be eaten raw bitter gourd.Pregnant women should alsoShensi.

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