Rehabilitation Physical Therapy : a career in pediatric physical therapy


Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation (rehabilitation) 

Physiotherapy   This term is passed over from the West, is the20A new discipline emerged by mid-century.It is an order to eliminate and alleviate human dysfunction,Recover and rebuild people’s loss of function,Trying to improve and enhance people’s partiesSurface features,As far as possible to remove the physical and psychological damage from disease or injury caused by,Our objective is to enable patients to return to society as a Members of normal life. Prevention, diagnosis, assessment, comprehensive treatment of medical disciplines, training and treatment of dysfunction. forEnabling the patient to return to society,Rehabilitation includes not only the medical aspects of rehabilitation,But also psychological, social,economic, Multifaceted vocational rehabilitation, educational and so on.

Rehabilitation methods  

For different stages of different diseases and disorders, methods of rehabilitation are also colorful.      
include: Physical therapy, exercise therapy, Occupational therapy, speech therapy, Psychological therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation workCheng and so on. Where physical therapy is a very important means of rehabilitation.


PhysiotherapyPhysical therapy includes exercise therapy and physical therapy factor.Is the use of human physiological response to physical stimulation made to achieve Therapeutic purposes.  Exercise therapy, is the use of instruments, hand or the patient’s own strength, by some movement (active or passive motion),So that patients receive systemic or local motor function, sensory function recovery training methods.  Physical factor therapy,Abbreviation”physiotherapy”By nature or man-made physical factor on the human body,In the treatment and prevention disease. Many kinds of physical factors, for the rehabilitation of two categories: First, the use of physical factors of nature, sun, Air, sea, spa and spa and other therapies; the second is the application artificial physical factors, there are electrical, optical, ultrasonic, magnetic, Heat treatment, water and bio-feedback.

The role of physical therapy  

  1. Anti-inflammatory: acute inflammation such as the choice of ultraviolet, microwave, ultrashort wave therapy for subacute or chronic inflammation can choose short Waves, infrared therapy.   
  2. Analgesic: such as magnetic, electrical interference therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation showed a significant analgesic effect.  
  3. Sedation: hydrotherapy, electric sleep therapy, negative air ion therapy.  
  4. Excitatory effects: low frequency and medium frequency electrical therapy to treat muscular atrophy.   
  5. Improve blood circulation: Spa, DC therapy, high-frequency electric therapy can cause tissue reaction congestion.  
  6. Regulating autonomic and visceral.   
  7. Loosen adhesions and scar softening: ultrasonic, audio therapy were significantly loosen adhesions and scar softening effect.  
  8. Sterilization: for example, ultraviolet therapy.   
  9. Cancer: high-frequency, microwave, and other methods for hyperthermia treatment of cancer have a certain effect.   

The superiority of physical therapy

50 First time, it was noted that the physical factor has its unique role in the care and treatment of disease, particularly in sub-health stateState treatment,It shows incomparable superiority.With the development of technology,Equipment and means of physical therapy factors also dayMore perfect.

  1. First of all,Various physical factors act directly on the parts of the body,Can improve local discomfort and symptoms,Such as the neck,shoulder,waist,Leg pain, whole body weakness, obesity, constipation, And speed up blood circulation, promote and pain caused by toxic substances excreted asuse. IF electrotherapy, ultrasound, semiconductor laser, infrared, magnetic therapy, paraffin, etc., is a typical representative of such action. 
  2. Second, a variety of physical factors on the skin, muscles, and other sensory organs (such as eyes, ears, nose) were benign stimulation,Brain its integral role,Nerve or humoral regulation by the body,Thereby restoring and maintaining body balance,Make irritability,Insomnia, headache, chest tightness and other symptoms can be improved and eliminated. Such as music therapy, biofeedback, color light therapy, aroma therapy,Spa, air ion therapy. Interaction, synergy, so that the body physiological indexes returned to normal. Physical factorTreatment of sub-health state of the irreplaceable role.

Physical therapy and contraindications applicable license 

1. Indications:

  1. Inflammatory: such as acute, subacute and chronic inflammation, including technology   Purulent or non-purulent, surface and deep inflammationdisease.   
  2. Various types of injuries: soft tissue injury, nerve damage.  
  3. Adhesions and scar: postoperative adhesions, scar.  
  4. Ulcers: skin ulcers, gastric ulcers, wound did not heal.   
  5. Functional disorders: muscles, joints, blood vessels, internal organs, metabolic, endocrine dysfunction and neurosis.  

2. Contraindications:

Severe heart disease and arteriosclerosis, aneurysm, bleeding tendency, fever, cachexia, cancer and active tuberculosisSwollen belong physiotherapy contraindications.


In the treatment of many diseases,If timely and reasonable application of physical therapy,Will strengthen the role of drugs on the local lesion,promoteInto the absorption,Help shorten and prevent or correct sequelae symptomatic relief process.Physiotherapy as a primary or secondaryTreatment, commonly used in acute and chronic diseases, organic or functional diseases treatment and rehabilitation.  Clinically applicable to various diseases: such as orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and finePsychiatric patients and so on.

Examples of diseases:  

Boils, carbuncle, erysipelas, lymphadenitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and other organs of the body surface or inflammatory lesions; frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, slipBursitis and rheumatoid arthritis and other bone and joint system diseases;Neuralgia,Neuritis, nerve paralysis,Cerebrovascular accident or brain traumaSpinal cord paralysis and neurological disorders and other diseases;Pain syndrome,Palace can be nerve disorders,Hysteria and other lesions and adhesions after surgeryIt diseases of various systems.  

Common treatment of physical factors  

  1. Electrotherapy There are direct current therapy, iontophoresis, low frequency and medium frequency therapy, long wave, Medium wave, short wave and ultrashortWave therapy, microwave therapy, etc..  
  2. Magnetic therapy There are static magnetic field therapy, pulsating magnetic field therapy, low-frequency and high-frequency alternating magnetic field therapy. 
  3. Phototherapy There are infrared therapy, ultraviolet therapy and laser therapy.  
  4. Ultrasonic therapy Including direct topical treatment, along neural stem reflex therapy and treatment. 
  5. Exercise therapy There are physical therapy and mechanical therapy. 
  6. Chinese medicine Such as acupuncture and cupping therapy.  
  7. There are also hydrotherapy, conduction heat therapy, cold therapy Wait.


  1. Low frequency electric therapy 
  2. Muscle disuse atrophy, soft tissue adhesions, blood circulation disorders. Soft tissue injuries, shoulder Zhou Yan, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, ptosis, habitual constipation. 
  3. IF electrotherapy 
  4. All types of scars, adhesions, vocal nodules, etc.,  
  5. High-frequency electric therapy 

All body systems and organs of acute,Subacute inflammation,Especially purulent inflammation of a significant effect, A variety of trauma, wound and ulcer can promote healing. In addition,Therapy deviceThere are high-frequency electric therapyA special radio frequency therapy, the radio waves in the human body to produce high temperature to treat the disease,Mainly used to treat tumors deep or shallow portion.

High-frequency electric (VHF) therapy effects  

Anti-inflammatory effect,Especially acute purulent inflammation have a good effect.In the treatment of acute inflammation,Small doses of a clear anti-inflammatoryEffect, large doses can sometimes anti-disease progression;  For kidney renal vascular dilation, relieve renal vasospasm, increased urine output, reduce urinary protein; Can be reduced vascular tone, the small arteries telangiectasia, tissue cell nutrition improvement;  Can reduce the excitability of the nervous system,Application of small doses of FM,Acting on the cervical sympathetic ganglia,Can make the blood of patients with hypertensionPressure drop.  Strengthen connective tissue regeneration, promote the growth of granulation tissue.  Indications:

  1. The whole body system, all organs of inflammation, acute, subacute better, especially for purulent inflammationDisease a significant effect;
  2. All kinds of trauma, wounds and ulcers;  
  3. Acute, subacute nephritis, oliguria acute renal failure caused no significant effect of urine; 
  4. Vasomotor and autonomic nerve dysfunction diseases; symptoms of hypertension (Ⅰ, Ⅱ period), Obliterans,Raynaud’s disease;  
  5. Pain disorders: neuralgia, causalgia, myalgia.  


Where active tuberculosis, heart valves and pacemakers installed converters, pregnant belly, heart failure, bleeding tendency, malignantCancer patients.  

IF electrotherapy   

Therapeutic effect:

  1. Analgesia ;
  2. Promote blood circulation ;
  3. Excited Skeletal Muscle Indications   

IF amplitude electrical therapy : 

Soften scars and loosen adhesions, scar prevention of early postoperative benign proliferative effects. Common to all types ofScars, adhesions, vocal nodules, scar caused by itching and other treatment.   Interference therapy : A variety of soft tissue injury, frozen shoulder, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, local blood circulation disorders of the diseaseDisease, disuse muscle atrophy, ptosis, constipation and habitual exercise denervated muscle.  Modulation frequency electrical therapy : Treat leg lymphatic stasis, ureteral calculi, central retinitis and optic neuritis .


Acute purulent inflammation in patients with cardiac pacemaker, the greater part of metallic foreign body treatment, pregnant women and other lower abdomen.  

Low frequency electric therapy  

Low frequency pulse therapy is the application of frequency1000HzThe following treatment of diseases of the pulse current,  Its characteristics are:Sensory and motor nerve has a strong stimulating effect,It is possible to play a neuromuscular excitability,Promote localBlood circulation and analgesic treatment.  

DC therapy  

Therapeutic effect:  

DC therapy have a calming,Pain,Anti-inflammatory,Promote nerve regeneration and fracture healing,Adjust the nervous system and internal organs function,Enhance the role of muscle tension


Nerve (root) inflammation, autonomic dysfunction, chronic ulcers, wounds, radiation therapy response, the depth of phlebitis (Thrombotic) and the like.


High fever, cachexia, heart failure, bleeding tendency, DC allergy.

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