Tumors and cancer in the end what is different


There is still a General “cancer” and “tumors”, regardless, is still a confused account of basic concepts, consequences of this is either unnecessary panic (ignorance of trouble, when the cancer tumor) or delay of the illness (smart, when tumors cancer). Cancer prevention and treatment, from a known tumor begun, starting from clarifying basic concepts, otherwise you will never carry unclear, will always live in confusion.

“What is cancer” this problem, ordinary people seem to know so little, but half don’t know, understand, really seriously asked, could not say why, I do not know what cancer is or nor the cancer color change.

People have an extreme fear on something, or know much about them, know the horrors of it or did not understand it at all, for its lack of basic understanding of what people always respect or fear of the unknown, of course, may be due to lack of understanding, but not afraid, the so-called “ignorant fearless.”

The end result is that should have been afraid of no fear, but things just shouldn’t be afraid of fear, this is all “ignorant” (lack of knowledge) to blame! “The mere mention of cancer” is the result of these two factors: on the one hand because the cancer did have a scary side, but also because people lack the most basic of cancer awareness. The problem is, people tend to know the horrors of cancer but does not know that cancer is not as terrible as imagined.

So what exactly is a “cancer”? Cancer, but in fact is a kind of folk pop talk, it actually refers to all of the malignant tumor, English name for cancer (cancer). Cancer is the original meaning of the word “crabs”, we all know the crab’s shape: there are many foot claws, and reaches out to rampage around, activity looks very bully aggressive appearance, this is used to mean “cancer” is a more appropriate image than.

Mentioned “cancer” refers to all “malignant tumor”, that the “tumor” then what is it? Doctors will explain to you that cancer is caused by humans in a variety of tumors formed by new biological (new creatures, are new things, more mass or tumor), in fact slang goes, grow in the human body is something unusual, like heterogeneous molecular growing in adverse environments.

People often put body long has package block mass said into is long has tumor, most situation Xia this claims is on of, because tumor most performance for package block of form, but and not completely on, because tumor sometimes and does not necessarily on formed visible of package block, like leukemia (also commonly known as blood cancer), and package block also may and does not necessarily is tumor, like some inflammation also may formed inflammatory sex package block, trauma also may formed hematoma or edema package block, these certainly cannot counts as is tumor.

In addition, there a quite a lot of terms is known as “lesions”, generally in CT, MRI and other imaging reports will see “XX masses”.

“Accounted for bit sex lesions” is a than “tumor” covers content more wide of concept, from literally Shang on can know it refers to of is additional more out of a things, occupy has body originally a parts, is it accounted for has others of location, it this shouldn’t exists, this things can is tumor (benign or malignant tumors are has may), actually many situation Xia last by diagnosis confirmed does is tumor, but also may is not tumor, like inflammation led to of inflammatory sex package block, and abscess, bleeding Hou formed of hematoma, They can be regarded as “lesions”, but does not count as tumors.

Visible, “lesion” is a description of the vocabulary, and ultimately what things must be further checks to clear, in essence, it is not a diagnosis of the disease, you can’t say someone has “placeholder.”

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