Turkey Coup Leader Was Killed Attacked Supporters Of Erdogan


Istanbul-coup D ‘ état led by Colonel Muharrem Kose yesterday evening, 16 July 2016 end up failing. Kose is rumored dead attacked supporters of the President of Turkey be Tayyib Recep Erdogan in an attempt to thwart the coup. As quoted from the Dailymail, Monday, July 16, 2016, a source reveals the death of officer military medium Turkey it. As if kissing a plan coup, the Government of Turkey dismissed from his post in the Kose Advisory military law by March 2016, after Fethullah Gülen network known as. Gülen is a Turkey scholar exile in Pennsylvania, United States. He was the toughest political enemy of Erdogan. Yesterday evening, the military forces loyal to the Government-controlled television Kose TNT News station, bridge, and Ataturk International Airport, as quoted from Sputniknews. Kose forces then struck a retreat by the military forces of each on Erdogan. Kose is a figure that is loyal to his boss, Chairman of the Department of military legal advisor Hulusi Akar. Both are trying to overthrow the Government of Erdogan. The root of the move at the first hours of the coup d ‘ état carried out. But the unknown fate of the obvious roots. Previously, Kose announced the formation of the Security Council, some kind of provisional Government to renew democracy and human rights in Turkey under the Government of Erdogan. Opposition groups claim Turkey is heading the State religion after this long adored secular governance in the Middle East. After the foiled coup, Erdogan pointed Kose as the leaders of the agitation in the coup. At least 90 people were killed and over 100 people were injured in the coup attempt.


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