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Acne (acne, acne, Acne Vulgaris, acne) is a common skin disease, which can cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands or hair follicles on the skin of the human body, local lesions can squeeze when white or milky white rice-like powdered juice of thorn-like pimples. The disease occurs in adolescence to young adult. It is estimated that among people between the ages of 11-30 and 80% people will be in for a period of acne. In 40 or 50 years old, it was also acne. Predilection is usually the face, Chin, there are Chest, back, shoulders, upper arms, hips. Mild symptoms are manifested as acne (Comedones, and an open Comedo, atresia of Whitehead), severe form of papules/pustules (Papules/pustules), nodules (nodules) and cysts (cysts). May cause the skin of acne depression (pitted) and contracture of scar (hypertrophic Scars), also put patients at risk of psychological harm, such as loss of confidence, depression and even suicidal tendencies. Therefore, early prevention and treatment of acne, not only to reduce scarring, can avoid the psychological impact of the disease on patients.

Acne is also a subtype of occurs in adult females. Characteristics are often greasy face, before menstruation Especially, focus concentrated on the Chin, neck, etc. Such patients need to consider whether in the differential diagnosis of Polycystic ovaries.

Antibiotic therapy hormone therapy 

isotretinoin (a sour) 

Intralesional Glucocorticoids (commonly known as “acne needle”)

diet and acne cause • gene • diet • endocrine disorders • psychological symptoms • same performance with Seborrheic Dermatitis: hair follicles secrete too much grease. But acne wasn’t seborrheic dermatitis. • Black White: both non-inflammatory, caused by excess sebum. The former is due to open, surface fat oxidation by air was black; the latter is not open, so the sebum to maintain legacy • white • Zits • nodule scar: SAG, grooves, varicella-like formation • pigmentation acne formation in General, there are four factors

Horny hair follicles (Follicular hyperkeratinization): hair follicles

Horny cause the Sebaceous Gland secretions of no discharge, resulting in hair follicle rupture, inflammatory cell infiltration (inflammatory cells infiltration) • excessive secretion of sebaceous glands: too many male hormones (Androgen) cause the sebaceous glands to secrete too much strong. This people’s innate physical, environmental-related. • Acne bacteria breeding grounds (Propionibacterium acnes proliferation and colonization): promote inflammation • inflammatory substances (inflammatory mediators) released: acne bacteria

Break down triglycerides into fatty acids secreted by the sebaceous glands, promotes inflammation treatment methods include oral and topical formulations

• Salicylic acid, azalea acid: mainly used for Exfoliating. • Benzoyl Peroxide (benzoyl peroxide): belongs to the oxidant, strong bactericidal power, and there is no problem of drug resistance. • Topical t-Retinotin (commonly known as a acid): Sebaceous Gland atrophy, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effects in one. Effect is strongest, is the last line of therapy, however modest is not easily used. • Topical antibiotics (antibiotic therapy) • hormone therapy treatments depending on the severity of patients, ranged from 4 weeks to more than half a year. All kinds of prescription drugs are subject to medical advice. Antibiotic therapy

With antibiotics to kill the sebaceous glands in Acne, and makes it impossible to break down triglycerides into fatty acids, which reduce inflammation. Front line of four ring mold is typically used antibiotics, such as the emergence of drug-resistant

Use the second line of clindamycin (Clindamycin)

Class, and are resistant to third-line SP is used (Baktar) drugs. Hormone therapy apply to the subtypes of the adult female. Spironolactone diuretic, oral contraceptives is typically used to adjust the imbalance in the body’s hormones. Male patients is not recommended to use this therapy, or easily causing Gynecomastia side-effects such as. Course of treatment usually lasts more than six months. Isotretinoin (a acid) a acid sebaceous glands can shrink, from the most basic treatment of acne. And it has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effects. However, Sebaceous Gland atrophy is an irreversible process, although the effect is strongest, but the last line of therapy, however modest is not easily used. The relationship between diet and acne [edit] members of the public think that eating “fried”, “hot” foods, can result in acne. Actually eating what foods cause acne occur, everyone is different, it is not absolute. Recent research shows high sugar diet cause acne formation. Researchers believe that high sugar diet can make rapid insulin secretion, and this affects the hormonal balance, lead to sebaceous glands easy oil. Research has also pointed out that milk may make good acne

Scutellaria acne repair fluid open category: cosmetic acne

• End of MSN Mobile fetion space lobbyist acne repair fluid culvert thatched cottage of scutellaria baicalensis radix scutellariae acne repair fluid, pure herbal extracts offers efficient penetration into the skin, and acne full precision parts, antiseptic, to heat on HIV will be adsorbed excess oil and dirt decomposition, Unclog pores and cause Acne to become dry and shriveled, heal wounds, restore health and perfect skin.

Specification: 20ml skin: any skin shelf life: three years, opening 24 months after use note: seals, fire escape, avoiding heat; avoid entrance, eye; if not, please stop using. Function of radix scutellariae acne repair liquid-pure herbal extracts can efficiently penetrate the skin, and acne full precision parts, antiseptic, to heat on HIV will be adsorbed excess oil and dirt decomposition, Unclog pores and cause Acne to become dry and shriveled, heal wounds, restore health and perfect skin. Usage: after cleansing, apply acne repair light tap to absorb liquid evenly to the damaged area. Acne repair fluid-Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients of scutellaria baicalensis radix scutellariae radix scutellariae there is heat dampness, xiehuo detoxification, hygrothermal and fullness, blood heat easy, Carbuncles sore with HIV, antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, inhibition against a variety of acne bacteria. Forsythia “acne panacea,” said, clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and heat junction. Can promote the formation of inflammatory barriers, reducing capillary permeability, eliminate redness caused by acne. The Sebaceous Gland secretion inhibited, reducing the excessive skin greasy. Sophora flavescens Kushen clearing heat and purging fire, poison, dispel, antipruritic efficacy significantly, early on can eliminate acne redness. Also inhibits excessive secretion of sebum, reduce sebum deposition and formation of acne, skin smoothly, Prunus persica peach seed is bitter, sweet, even. There is blood stasis, dryness of lubricating the bowel function also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Scutellaria acne repair culvert cottage–a liquid-brand value to “Jing Qi Huang You skin doctors heart operation the world economy” into a brand new Chinese medicine acne skin care products, faith

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