What is cancer? You’re going to have cancer?



Most cancers diagnosed, has entered the Terminal, increase the difficulty of cure, which also caused high cancer death rates, scientific measures of cancer prevention is the most recommended. Cancer-causing factors are complex, and some are caused by unhealthy living habits, some objective factors that cannot be changed, how far we are from cancer? can the cancer self test to look out for.

First, do you smoke

smoke cancerLung cancer is one of the world’s top three cancer, or even have become “King of cancers”. Tobacco in the more than 60 kinds of toxic substances associated with cancer, often caused by smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. Reduce smoking or not smoking will significantly reduce your chances of lung cancer.

Second, weight loss

Obesity due to excess food intake or body metabolism, resulting in excessive accumulation of body fat, human pathology and physiological changes caused by excessive weight gain and growth or potential. Scientific research shows that obesity and colon cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer is closely related to the obese people have higher risk of cancer than normal-weight people.

Third, eat healthy

Unhealthy diet is the main cause of cancer population younger. For example: high protein, high fat diet and alcohol consumption can lead to obesity, liver damage, preserved salted vegetables, grilled meat, contain many carcinogenic substances. Should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables away from cancer, control the intake of meat, eating light nutrition, put an end to “heavy” and avoid eating fried or salty, or overeating.

Four, have a family history of cancer

Cancer and hereditary factors, people with a family history of cancer, cancer rates are higher, but it is not absolute. Family suffering from tumors, especially multiple relatives with a history of cancer in the family, and after 40 years of regular medical examinations and change unhealthy habits

Five, how exercise


Insisted exercise than do a panacea, a healthy body needs exercise, exercise can lose weight, boost your metabolism, enhance physical fitness, enhance immunity, and keep enough energy away from cancer and other disease problems.

Six, has precancerous lesions

Many forms of cancer are precancerous lesions, if early detection, treatment, can reduce the chance of cancer. Precancerous lesions include: Colorectal polyps, cervical erosion, such as inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcer, if bodies are found such situations arise, should promptly go to the hospital.

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