What is the Biological therapy of cancer


Biological therapyWhat is the Biological therapy of cancer. Attached Hospital of Zunyi Medical College cancer tumor stem cell and regenerative medicine center experts pointed out that traditional methods of cancer treatment is chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, can effectively control the disease, but the side effects of chemotherapy and has a strong, they kill tumor cells while kill normal cells, and the cells and tissues is an important immune defense system, undermining the body’s immune system. For physical than for weaker patients, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are even worse. Surgery is the primary means of treatment for cancer, but for small lesions are not clear, so there is a risk of recurrence and metastasis. The emergence of biologic immune therapy, is a powerful complement to traditional therapy, in patients with advanced cancer, immune therapy, stabilized, improving the quality of life, improve their immune system and prolong the survival time of patients.

Simply put, biological therapy for cancer is to extract the immature immune cells in cancer patients, applications of the latest international biotechnology transfusion to the patient after the in vitro methods, to stimulate and enhance immune function, so as to achieve the goal of cancer treatment. Biological therapy to clear the cancer patients in different parts of minimal residual disease, prevention of tumor recurrence and metastasis, better control of the disease, improving the quality of life and prolong survival.

Cancer immune therapy in killing cancer cells but can improve immunity, protecting the body’s normal functioning, improve the clinical symptoms, to extend its lifetime has a very important role. For surgery patients, patients with recurrence after surgery, chemotherapy and chemotherapy patients, invalid or not, biological immunotherapy is a treatment of choice. Or when patients had to undergo surgery or radiation therapy for cancer, remission or chemotherapy, the use of biologic immune therapy for the prevention of recurrence or metastasis, consolidating its efficacy.

Different from the traditional method of treating cancer, previous surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy because of injury, side effects, patient’s physique will deteriorate sharply, many feel that death patients in therapy. Cancer immune therapy filling operation, the limitations of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, which not only has cleared patients with minimal residual disease in different parts of the body, preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis, and on patients with damaged immune systems and to the recovery and rebuilding of the unique effect.

Advantage of biologic immune therapy of cancer

  1. effective, and high efficiency.
  2. no obvious side effects such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, patients are not suffering, well tolerated, and kill the tumor specificity. 3, can stimulate the anticancer effects of systemic, long-term cancer effects.
  3. helps the body recover quickly by radiotherapy and chemotherapy damaged immune system against cancer, boost cancer-fighting ability.
  4. can be used alone or combined with other treatment methods. Multiple use, better results.

Attached Hospital of Zunyi medical college–based in Zunyi. Service in Guizhou

Attached Hospital of Zunyi Medical College as an important discipline of tumor Hospital of Zunyi city, and Oncology, the Institute invested heavily in the introduction of international advanced technology of CLS tumor cell immunotherapy, established a “stem cell and regenerative medicine center,” Hospital of Guizhou province has become the first company to introduce this technology. Center now has international advanced of overall qianji, and local Baiji clean, and and through national institutions acceptance qualified of GMP immune cell work room, and configuration has blood cell separation machine, and high-speed frozen centrifugal machine, and biological security cabinet, and CO2 training box, and big capacity low temperature centrifugal machine, and high pressure steam disinfection pot, and inverted fluorescent microscope, and-80 ℃ low temperature refrigerator and flow type cell instrument and the enzyme standard instrument, for tumor biological immune treatment of top medical equipment and facilities. Stem cell and regenerative medicine center receives “for patients, care for Detail-oriented” spirit, combined with “professionalism, integrity, truth-seeking, innovative” medical attitudes, CLS of tumor cell immunotherapy technologies, enabling the Centre to effectively guarantee for cancer patients receiving treatment with a more human immune efficacy of tumor cells and more individual therapy services.

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