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Physical therapy during the first phase (1880-1919).

Development of rehabilitation medicine


Physical therapy during the first phase (1880-1919). This phase by means of physical factors, simple treatments, such as massage, adaptive sports, direct current, induction, insolation, solar lamp, UV, etc. Learn names for massage therapists Association. Rehabilitation agencies were established in 1910. For example, during the first world war, United States was founded in New York in 1917, “International Centre for persons with disabilities”, United States Army established the body recovery and rehabilitation, rehabilitation treatment for wounded soldiers; 1917 society of occupational therapy have also been established.

During the second stage of physical medicine (1920~1945).

After the first world war, war injuries and increase polio remains endemic to enable such persons, stimulated the rapid development of physics, such as diagnostics, radiotherapy, used not only to treat, also used for diagnosis and prevention of disabilities, development of physical medicine. Association of physical therapists was established in 1920, United States Government laws, guarantee payment of AIDS to persons with physical disabilities, career. Founded in 1923 the United States Association of physical medicine and rehabilitation. United Kingdom and Canada has also set up training institutions, various training for the sick and wounded, so that the war can return to work. Some functional assessment methods (such as freehand method for determination of muscle strength) and many rehabilitation tools (such as muscle strength treatment of hyperthermia therapy, improving orthosis therapy for paralysis, muscle function and so on) appear during this period. But this period of rehabilitation medicine has not yet formed a complete and independent specialists.

In second times world war during wounded more, for makes wounded as soon as possible returns front, rehabilitation medical of parent, United States of Howard A.Rusk, in physical medical of based Shang used more subject integrated application rehabilitation treatment, as physical treatment, and psychological treatment, and job treatment, and language treatment, and prosthetic and the orthopaedic support with Assembly,, for large wounded for function recovery of practice, greatly improve rehabilitation effect, powerful to promoted has rehabilitation medical of development. Howard A.Rusk, put forward the theories, principles and methods of rehabilitation medicine, greatly promoting the development of the modern concept of rehabilitation medicine and technology. Also during the clarify of principles on rehabilitation, such as functional training for patients, clarify the purpose of treatment and training not only physical function recovery of wounded, spirit will be rehabilitated.

In the United Kingdom, renowned orthopaedic surgeon Robert Jones in the United Kingdom set up rehabilitation centres in the air force, after treatment to the wounded and training, the 77% of the wounded returned to combat duties. Rehabilitation of some influential ideas also formed during this period, for example, in 1938 by Le-ithauser, who advocated early off-bed activity after major surgery, is considered to be one of the major changes in the practice of medicine in this century. 1938 United States society of physiotherapy was established in 1943, United Kingdom established physical medicine.

The third period

Physical medicine and rehabilitation phase (since 1946). After World War two, States the war rehabilitation organizations have been converted to peacetime rehabilitation centre for wounded soldiers, Rusk, strong proponent of rehabilitation medicine, battle damage assessment and rehabilitation experience in times of peace, promoting the progress of some major diseases treatment.

  • In the 1940 of the 20th century, for example, Levine and Lown bedridden after myocardial infarction are not considered wise to Goldwater limited quantitative exercise, 60%~70% myocardial infarction patients can return to work, now lay the practice of exercise rehabilitation for coronary heart disease.
  • 1947 United States previous physical medicine will be renamed as the physical medicine and Rehabilitation Institute, and the establishment of the system of rehabilitation specialists.
  • 1948 Professor Rusk in the United States created Institute of rehabilitation medicine at New York University. 50 after Rusk and others efforts, rehabilitation medicine became an independent medical discipline.
  • 1950 establishment of the international society of physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • In 1952, France held its first International Conference on rehabilitation medicine in Paris.
  • 1969 Sykney Licht initiated the establishment of the “International Association of rehabilitation medicine”, and in 1970
  • Years in Italy held the first General Assembly, which marks the maturation of rehabilitation medicine. In order to facilitate rehabilitation work carried out all over the world, who also has rehabilitation and rehabilitation experiences relative to apply it in time of peace.

With medical health career of development, people life conditions improved, potent infectious diseases to control and eradication, human average expects life value extended, population aging, chronic diseases and Geriatrics proportion greatly increased, coupled with traffic accident and other accident hurt event increased, community of disability population also corresponding increased, patients and medical personnel also are cannot just meet Yu simple of cure, and requirements function also can get save and recovery, desire get high of life quality. All of these provide social impetus for rapid development of rehabilitation medicine, basic medicine and clinical development also lay a solid foundation for the development of rehabilitation medicine.

Concluding remarks

Rehabilitation medicine in China started late, but our unique combination of TCM and Western medicine rehabilitation medicine and modern rehabilitation medicine in the world trend toward convergence, active in academic exchange abroad, develop more quickly. Currently has been building up around a number of rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation medicine, planned and carried out multiple layers of rehabilitation medicine education, cultivate a large number of rehabilitation professionals.


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