Therapeutic Yoga as physical therapy


Yoga therapy is a method used in yoga therapy. According to the meridians of the human body, into, connecting law combined with yoga. When in position to maintain, and ideas leading to breathe, breathing the energy required to generate action. This energy, disease-free is not in addition to, no strong push.

Mei er physical precision of Iyengar Yoga was integrated into everyday practice. Of ideas running through the mountains all the asanas, combined with the knowledge of the anatomy and physiology as well as the meridians of Chinese medicine and acupuncture points. Activates the muscles and the muscles associated with lesions, with dedicated Yoga music and mantra chanting bring the human heart to calm, relax, pleasure, and thus activate the inner energies. Achieve the purpose of treating disease.

Mountain type concept: double feet big toe parallel, other toe natural expand, Center uniform distribution in two a feet of feet Palm and heel Shang, foot bow Shang mention, 10 root toe as to outside stretch, shank inside up forced, shank, and feet of outside side down forced, knee Shang mention, thigh Qian side muscle received to thigh of roots, Qian side Center points moderate Hou push, inside muscle backward spin to hip direction, to guarantee hip rear broad of space. Tailbone right adductor, suprapubic, on the opening of the chest, his arms to outreach (armpits open 30 °), under the external rotation of the shoulders

Sink, push them along toward (push along the inside, lateral spreading corner close to the hips), on the diaphragm, lumbar spine relax.

First part of throat breathing

Also called Wu Jiayi throat breathing pranayama. Light tongue against the palate, inhales, air passes through the nasal cavity reaches the lungs, ribs spread, expanding chest, breath, chest collection. Breathing the perineum, anus, throat, breathing natural recovery, rather than a specialized band has deadlocked, inhale will feel a needle in abdominal gas pumped in and the formation of natural recovery. Consciousness focused on the back of the throat and the formation of a habit.

Second split only, support and therapy

Supta virasana: put your knees together, external rotation of the leg muscles, protect your knees. Little toe edge, ten toes close to the ground, hands back support, use the block between the two shoulder blades, the other at the back, keep the neck relaxed. Feeling of pushing around the inside edges of the scapula.

Support: for knee ankle disease or disorder, knees slightly apart to reduce knee stress. Sliver in the knee pit can also be used to increase knee space, thus alleviating the discomfort in the knee.

Physical therapy: thoracic, enhanced lung function, stimulates the thyroid, treatment of disc herniation. Activate the pectoralis minor muscle, relieve chest tightness, shortness of breath.

Hero-flexion: the heroic posture, hands and body, supporting the ground, parallel to the two middle fingers, arms spinning open the chest, tailbone, and stretch waist, feet touch the big toe, the other toes affixed to, outreach with the heel.

Magic chairs-type: with your legs hip width apart, pushing calves tightening, your knees over the toes, tighten thigh muscles, suprapubic, coccyx inside, relaxed waist. Thorax opened, pushed along the inside of the shoulder blades shoulder sinks, arms raised.

Support: free Yoga with auxiliary experience shoulders sinking feeling. Warrior II: from a magic Chair jumped feet-foot edge parallel to the ground, feet, on the Arch of the foot, right foot and turn right 90 degrees (or any other point, the center of the knee line with second toe on the line for example) song right knee, keeping hips are on the front. Double

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