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Body shaping Yoga:

Yoga therapy regimen set


“Yoga can help control weight,” it’s the Ornish doctor and Ian Mc Kellen for heart patients, the doctor come to an important conclusion in the research process. This fiber body Yoga course is for now people women most troubled of arm, belly, thigh and hip surrounding fat stacked, relaxation, lack muscle endurance of symptoms, design out set very rich targeted and scientific of yoga courses, through moderate of movement stimulus, accelerated body metabolism, completely burning and elimination skin Xia extra fat, strengthened muscle organization and power, makes skin and body keep due of tension and vitality, rendering out perfect of line. Good shape curve, and through scientific investigation to prove its effectiveness for a long time and can prevent various illnesses caused by obesity.

Course schedule: 30-40 minutes


    Yoga therapy regimen set

  1. Warming up (ROM): the increase in joint activities, increased lubrication, reducing the friction of movement joints; in a dormant body, slightly exciting, up heart contraction accelerated, increased stroke volume, accelerate blood circulation, muscles work to prepare high body temperature, increase muscle flexibility, strong muscle injury prevention.
  2. Meditation, pranayama (belly breathing): this breathing method can clean the respiratory system and blood, ridding your body of toxins, you can exercise abdominal muscles, eliminating irritating stomach, stimulate the functioning of the organs and glands of the body, speed up the body’s metabolism
  3. Prompting choreography: tree-style–riding–magic-chairs–the other side (tree riding magic)-latch-type–cat attack–full-locust–bicycle


  4. Poses: slimming Yoga avoids the overburdened local sport and could not get exercise all parts so that the body’s ills, which make it easier for some parts of fat can also be effective stimulus, such as a woman’s waist, hips and thighs, so as to avoid some “fat” formation. In addition, it makes the muscles stretch vertically as much as possible, cut around so that fat from cells, improve material circulation, promotes cell division and updated, adjusted continuously with age slow metabolism. Maintain body metabolism will burn excess body fat, thereby reducing the body fat weight, lower body mass index, weight loss and weight control purposes
  5. Nidra: help relax the mind, tension and fatigue, control high blood pressure, improve respiratory problems, breathing much easier to improve sleep quality and sleep problems, physical and mental pleasure, body full of energy.

Breast health Yoga


Breast health Yoga

Yoga is a fashion movement that we enjoy life to the full, dominate the lives of capital, its graceful movements, and strange effect, is the most reasonable interpretation of its soft and refreshed is every woman’s best gift to give yourself. Practicing yoga body breast blood will be more carefree, adequate blood supply to the breasts, balance the mammary glands, breast diseases prevention, as a woman should be able to prevent important. United States University of Southern California study showed that women under 40 years of age, if over 3-8 hours a week, and reduced risk of breast cancer by about 42%. Yoga in the breast at the same time you can also achieve the effect of breast diseases prevention, expanded chest, correct sagging breasts, beautification of the chest curve, making women more head “upright”. Is breast best time from menstruation to the 11th, 12, 13 days, in addition to 7 days 18-24 days for the second-best time, because it affected breast fullness in 10 days is a 24-hour equivalent of ovarian hormones secretion, stimulate breast fat the best time, and thus make the chest full of women should increase in the 10 days of Yoga

“Love the breasts” first liver! This Yoga will not only lift the thymus breast, sexy breasts, but also through massage the internal organs, leading liver, breast more healthy!

Warm Tip: do not wear Bras exercise

Note: wearing a bra can also increase the incidence of breast cancer. Is likely to be due to the oppression of the chest for a long time, will affect the circulation of nutrients in the chest, hamper the body’s self-regulating.

Course schedule: 30-40 minutes

A warm-up: a brief joint warm-up prepares an exercise can be very good for the body, active arms and shoulders and chest muscles.

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